Live Nation / worthless vip tickets

New York, NY, United States

I may never spend money on a concert again if it's through Live Nation.
I bought tickets for the B-52s at Irving Plaza the first day that I saw them come available. When I got to the "choice" of tickets, I was offered general admission, or general admission with VIP passes. It took me a bit to figure out, but the only information I found on the website about the VIP package said it included a meet-and-greet.
I've met Fred (crazy fun!) but I've never met Kate or Cindy, and I wanted to, so I spent $100 on each ticket (that I really didn't have to spend, but HEY, it's the B-52s right?)
My partner and I got to the show, they scanned our tickets, and sent us right in. Something didn't feel right, and I asked the guy who checked our IDs and gave us wrist bands after we were already inside... He sent us back to the front door to get our VIP passes. They didn't even look at my tickets when I said that we were supposed to have VIP passes, but gave them to us, and told us everything was after the show upstairs.
After the show, we went upstairs. They immediately informed us that we didn't have the RIGHT VIP pass for that party, and there was no meet-and-greet.
What had our extra expensive tickets bought us? The right to get around the line at the front door, plus the right to stand upstairs, further away from the crowd.
I was upset, and my partner went and got a manager to talk to. The manager sat there insinuating that I was lying about what the VIP tickets section said when I bought them. I would never spend that amount of money just to get around a line... And I could never imagine anyone in business implying that a customer is lying - even if they can tell that someone is trying to get over (which I most certainly wasn't!). You apologize, blame it on someone in your own organization, and you offer some thing to try and keep that customer's business! But that's not what went down. He swore that I wasn't telling the truth.
Live Nations can bite me. If someone big comes to town through them again, I'm sorry, but I just won't be seeing them.

May 22, 2015

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