Live Nation Merchandisedebit card charged for "declined" purchases (avs/cybersource)

August 11/12, 2017

I attempted to make a purchase on the Queens of the Stone Age website. My purchase was approved by my bank, but declined by "Cyber Source" because it "failed the AVS check". There was no reason for this to happen, as my bank has my correct address, which is the same address input for this attempted purchase. I made a few more attempts at said purchase over the next couple days, receiving the same "declined" message each time.

Next thing I know, I have over $800.00 worth of "pending" purchases on my bank account for these "DECLINED" purchases!!! I have no access to MY MONEY, and there is NO WAY to contact these people by phone, and so far, they have not responded to my e-mails!! I don't appreciate the time and effort I now have to exert to try and resolve something that never should have happened!!

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