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I am currently a victim of Litton Loan Service, you know the collective of Texan Pride ### led by Larry Litton. May he someday hang from the highest tree. I have made two attempts to modify my loan jumping through numerous hoops and adapting to the rules as people like Brenda Garza in the executive resolution dept. change them on a daily basis.

Not only was Brenda Garza changing the rules daily but also a skidmark named Jorge in the underwriting dept doing the same. I am currently in court surrendering my house because of Larry and his [censored]bags from

Texas are gaining real estate in better places than Texas.

Now the suprise, Litton Loan is not reporting to the IRS the interest that I have paid. I have now called the Texans twice and gotten two different stories (Reminds me of the Bush Years). One more call tomorrow, then a call to the IRS and the state attorney generals office.

I will have the last laugh... The house is in need of repair, thats why I requested a modification. Imagine what condition it will be in after a cold winter with no heat and no care. Congrats Larry your doing a *** of a job! May you and all you employees suffer a personal hardship! Hopefully a painfull non curable health condition!

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  • Te
      Sep 29, 2009

    My mortgage was sold to Litton Loan Servicing Nov. 2008. I was not escrowing my taxes and homeowners insurance. My property taxes are paid semi annually and were due on 7/31/09 and 1/31/10. Litton "Forced Escrowed" me in June. They paid my taxes on 6/3/09 that were DUE on 7/31/09. "Forced Escrow" is done when you are delinquent in your taxes. I WAS NOT. I was not aware of this "Forced Escrow" until I tried to pay my taxes and was told they had been paid by Litton! Needless to say when I had sent my July payment (not including the forced escrow dollar amount) they had not "posted" it to my account because it didn't include the escrow amount, thus they charged a late fee. When I found out about the forced escrow, I reimbursed Litton 1/3 of the taxes and the remainder was reimbursed to them on 9/15/09. Now they're telling me I have accumulated late fees of $445.22???? Don't know what these late fees are for, but I refuse to pay them. I have a fixed rate loan and have NEVER been late in the 8 years I have had my loan. The mortgage company that sold my loan to Litton was Popular Mortgage and I believe the reason they sold it was because I had filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office about them. I had an escrow issue with them. It went like this, I refinanced to get a fixed rate with Popular Mortgage aka Equity One in May 2005. I chose to escrow my property taxes and homeowners insurance and they were to pay my property taxes semi annually. Well, every July each year, they would pay my property taxes, then tell me that my taxes went up and I needed to send more money to bring my escrow account up to a positive number. It took three or more months EACH YEAR for them to straighten my account out. In the meantime, they would call me every day stating I was delinquent on my loan (this was again, because they would not apply my payment-I would only pay what the correct amount was). I have to say that I was literally crying one Saturday when they called. I was so tired of the automated phone calls that they said they could not stop, that is when I wrote to the Better Business Bureau and to the Attorney General's office. Once I got a response from the Attorney General's office that Popular Mortgage had to "answer my charges", that is when my loan was sold to Litton. Now I am having the same nightmare of sorts with them. I am ready to explode!!!

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  • So
      Dec 02, 2009

    Litton Loan is owned by Goldman Sachs, one of the most powerful finacial institutions in the world. We made our
    pre-trail modification payments and they still auctioned our house with no prior warning. We need some large organization to file a class action suit! Also Litton Loan was given 1.1 billion in TARP funds.
    I now have to leave my home of 23 years in two weeks!


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  • Th
      Oct 26, 2010

    I find irony in an individual who relates Litton loan practices with leftist stereotypes about the state of Texas and coupled with his opinion of the Bush administration. Well now, thanks to your communist ruler Obama, losers like you have been given an open door to wage excuses why you entered into an aggressive loan agreement with Litton lending. This is imperialism at its best. You entertained an agressive loan because you are dumb. You are not smart to even entertain such a loan. let me guess, you probably seek a lifestyle you cannot afford. Oh, yeah, you'd probably rather drive a BMW than save for a rainy day on top of it, right? No one forced you to take that loan. You signed the agreement and you either should have read it or should have done business with a better bank and with a more secure loan agreement like a 30-YR fixed. Now, all you are doing is crying about how you failed and you're blaming it on someone else just like a typical hypocrit and irresponsible fool would do. Take responsibility for your actions loser!

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