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Litton Loan Servicing / Rip off company

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My situation is different from the ones I have read here but the service is the same. You get no where with these people. They Lie and Will Not help anyone!

My money is frozen with Stanford financial, this is how we make our house notes. I called these people the minute I knew it happened to see if they would work with me.( feb 18th) Nothing and they would not call me back. I must have talked to 8 or 9 people and they they say, Fax a letter and then someone would get back with me. I not only faxed the letter but sent 2 registered mail, on the same day, stating the problem on Feb 23rd. One I sent to the Unseen circumstance Department. ( sounds like they made that department up so I would quit calling twice a day and my question over and over to these people is 'isn't there anyone you can get me in touch with to help me? Do you not have anyone there that can help me? And believe me at this point I believe the calls are going overseas.) and the other to Larry B Litton. But Francis Blackshear stamped ( not signed) on the 13th and the other on the 23rd of March. So I call and ask for her directly, they do not know her don't know her extension. Noone can get me in touch with her. So here I am talking to these people who will do nothing. I asked to speak to a loan officer. They are the loan officer they say. Come to find out they are not a loan company at all they are a debt collection service and nothing more. They tell me they are the manager, who are these people and how are they holding a job when so many people are losing theirs is what i would like to know. I have people at the Secretary of State Office willing to talk to these people and people from my trust fund, and even the lady at the SEC that will tell them when this is done they will get every penny owed to them. My money is not involved in the alleged CD fraud it is only frozen because the Stanford Name is attached to. They say they can't talk to them, can't or won't is what i asked them they hung up on me.

I have tried to get a loan modification and I read all these stories of your loan modifications well they told me on numerous occasions they don't have a loan modification program. I thought they had to with the new law and said just that. They do not have a loan modification department. So maybe that why everyone else's isn't working to well.

I have watched several things on these people and they are no longer with the BBB. I am going to try and post a video that I found in search of these people and I don't know if it will post on here but i do hope so!~

I have also found out that this company is owned by Lloyd Blankfein and David Viniar of Goldman Sachs. Google them and it will make you sick as to how much money they make in a year. Guess alot of that comes from the money not posted on accounts. But your account was sold on Wallstreet chances are and seems how they are the highest paid men on Wallstreet no wonder we are all in this situation.

So what now with all these complaints of basically stealing money and really do they want our money or do they want our houses? I need to know where to go from here. I read everyone's story and there is no way I could work for a company like this I could not stab people in the back the way they are doing. Please someone out there help all these people and maybe just maybe they need to be digging deep could turn out like Stanford and Maddooff.

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      18th of Dec, 2009
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    There are so many similarities with our situation with Litton when I read all of these complaints. It's such a shame that Litton is not organized enough to do their job. They don't see us as people with families who need their homes, but they see us as dollar signs. It took us almost a year to work out a loan mod and we did everything to a T..even with Litton's wrong fax numbers and lost papers, we were able to push ahead. Unbelievably, Litton sent us a letter stating that they did not receive one fax form us, so out loan mod was denied. They started foreclosure. When we were in court for this, Litton changed their story and claimed that we did not send out 3rd promise payment, but we indeed did send it, and they CASHED the mo. Now they claim that we have to start the loan mod ALL over again, and the money we paid to them during the loan mod went directly to interest, Now we're even further behind than we were before the loan mod started over a year ago. I'm writing to my State Rep. This company will NOT get away with this. ANY GOOD ATTORNEYS OUT THERE who want to HELP US?

  • Ma
      11th of Oct, 2010
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    we got a loan on our house in the year of with a co. by a year or so they sold it to litton and they in return sold it to another loan co . we went the other day and apply for a loan to buy a auto. and come back with our house was being repo and we have been making payments to this loan co. every mo . for years . so what i would like to know is ! how to get our house off of that list or do we need to contact a lawyer ? please reply to

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