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Litton Loan / Litton Loan

1 Houston, TX, United States

Litton Loan in 2004 went to servicing my mothers mortgage.In two years the mortgage had almost doubled on her.My mother would send her mortgage payment by Western Union quick collect on the 3rd of every month to Litton Loan.Her mortgage was due on the 10th of every month.

Litton Loan would not post the payments until after the 20th of every month so my mothers account at Litton Loan would look as if she were late.Litton Loan then would send my mother letters of threat of forecloser demanding sometimes $1300.00-$1500.00-$1700.00 at a whack.My mother borried over a $1000.0 from my ex- brother-in-law twice and payed the crooked criminals.

Then in 2006 Litton Loan out of no-where sent another letter to my mother demanding another &1700.00.My mother was furious and contacted them.She was put through to atleast 6 different Litton Loan employees to whom she explained that she was not late.The final Litton Loan employee supposedly worked out a payment plan for extra to pay the so-called bogus late fees down to over a year.

My mothers mortgage payment went to an extra $175.00 a month for a year.My mother had a spell with her health and died three days later.Litton Loan and their crooked system killed my mother.

Me and my wife filed a chapter 13 to keep Litton Loan away for 4 years.Litton Loan even breaks the laws in bankruptcy.Our Trustee sends Litton Loan a fixed rate every month and Litton has not been applying the whole sum to the claim they made when our bankruptcy began.

Litton Loan has been putting money out of our Trustee`s payment in an Escrow account for forced insurance.Me and my wife has had and kept insurance on the home and Litton has been faxed ever copy of every policy since our bankruptcy began in 2006.

Litton Loan started sending us monthly statements with a principle balance of their crooked figures.Our periodical report shows Litton Loan to be off about $12000.00 that Litton Loan has not applied to the claim they made against us.

Litton Loan screwed themselves by sending us statements to begin with.They think once me and my wife is discharged they can come on us with all of their un-reported figures and then take our home.WRONG.

Litton Loans claim when me and my wife filed was for their late fees Litton claimed we owed plus the money owed on the property.Litton Loan is being payed 100% through our 48 month plan for both claims.

Litton Loan will have their two claims payed 100% and my lawyer is aware of their un-reported fee`s etc.Since Litton Loan did not protest the claims they had against us at the hearing they were saying we agree with the claims against us that will be payed through our plan 100%.

My lawyer will file a motion with the court for Litton Loan to bring our case current and payed 100% and then the Judge will set me and my wife free from the criminal bondage of Litton Loan.I do hope they show to protest because my lawyer assured me you will see the Litton Loan demon run out ofcourt on your behalf when Your Honor sees that me and my wife has a perfect payment history in our plan that has payed Litton Loan 100% of their claims against us and my mothers property.

Dont let Litton catch you unaware when you are discharged with their bogus fee`s and all to keep you in their grip financially speaking.I told my attorney that I dont see how our Government lets Litton Loan get away with these crimes.He smiled and said maybe Litton is the government under-cover robbing people.As long as you have the knowledge before they catch you then you can be prepared for war.

Litton Loan is crooked and a criminal organization that can be beat with the right knowledge and lawyer.Dont be ashamed to file a chapter 13 against them to save your home.

Here is a plan to beat them in chapter 13.

#1.Make sure their claims against you will be payed back 100%

#2.Pay your plan on-time like clock work never missing a tick.

#3Keep your own personal home-owners insurance and make sure your insurance company faxes them a copy of the policy.

#4.Make sure your Bankruptcy attorney has a copy of your current insurance in your file for the complete length of your plan.

#5.Keep your eye on the numbers of your yearly periodicals and on any and all statements sent to you by Litton Loan.

#6.Make an appointment with your attorney at the time of your last payment.Get your attorney to file a motion with the Court to order Litton Loan to bring 100% percent of their claim against you to be current upon your discharge.

#7.If you have to re-file another chapter 13 to pay Litton Loan off in the second round repeat all of steps 1-6 and then you are free indeedand nothing Litton Loan or their crooked employees can take your home.

Note if you are in a chapter 13 with Litton Loan do not think you are free of their criminal activities of robbing you because they will rob you blind even in a chapter 13 until yu give them your home so they can do it again to someone else and ruin your credit so they can get a judgment against you.Steps1-6 above is your insurance to win against them.

For you Litton Employees sent to read articles against you.You will burn in hell you crooked clones of Larry Litton`s trained to rob.

Good luck and God bless you.


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