Lipozene.comI can't reach customer services, but their products are useless

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I ordered diet products from the company But I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy from them. These scammers sent me the products, but it was completely useless. Nothing worked and I decided to return it. I tried to contact the customer services, but these ### ignored me. I wonder if there are people, who faced the same problem? I really need help or any useful advice. Please, post your comments and ideas. Thanks.

Jan 06, 2015
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  • La
      Mar 10, 2015

    Anyone having trouble with this product should contact a class-action lawyer who is familiar with FDA law. They claim to cure a medical problem, which is illegal. No matter if they have a disclaimer at the bottom of the screen, their advertising implies that it is 100% effective, which is against advertising law.

    The FCC should also be contacted. There are laws prohibiting this type of advertising.

    A class-action suit with media coverage is recommended because:
    1) Lawyers that take these types of cases only get paid if they win., and
    2) The media coverage will stop people from wasting their money.

    As for the shills on here who are paid to write sterling reviews, as a writer myself, I am disgusted at your blatant prostitution.


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  • Do
      Aug 22, 2016

    Contact the FTC (Federal Trade Commission and report this scam. Also, if you paid by debit or credit card, notify the Bank's Fraud Dept. and add your name to the list.. As to the comment by Lakewolf Whitecrow, I am going to show his post to my computer geek sons who take reviews as gospel!!!

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