Lingo / Cancellation

I have been with lingo since 2002 or so. Lingo automatically charged my credit card every month since the beginning. I got a call today from Lingo billing about an overdue bill. I was surprised because I ported my number a year ago. I was called because the credit card was declined because it had my son's name and my credit card. I am checking with my credit card company about this because it should have been declined a year ago.

After a phone call from Lingo billing, I discovered that, although the number was ported, they still kept my account and charged me monthly since then. They say I never called in to cancel. I do not understand why a person would keep an account when the number is now with another company. They say that I did not call back and officially cancel it. They will not speak to me because my name is not on the account (since then 2 people say that my name is on the account but person #1 said it was not).

Also my son was able to change my account to his name without my permission and my credit card was being charged in my son's name until this month my credit card declined it. Also illegal.

The last call that I made to customer service, I told her to cancel the bill and then send me written confirmation that it was cancelled. She promised to do that immediately but that never happened several hours later. They do not want to give written proof because according to everyone else, they want to continue to take your money.

What is funny is that my number has not been used for about 5 years so they have gotten lots of my money. Now I am demanding all my money back taken illegally. What a scam!!!

They are refunding the last months charge but I want it all back,

Mar 01, 2016

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