lindsay ford of wheaton/98 ford contour / bought a used lemon with the promise of refi into a new vehicle 5months later but it never hapened and the vehicle broke down

1 Wheaton, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 3019494060

i bought a used car from this dealership and the agent told me that i could get into a new car after 5months so i could build my credit. one month later the ford contour has trans problems. my warranty replaced the trans then two weeks later the electrical system goes out and needed to be fixed. warranty paid a portion of that repair. then one month later the cars trans goes out again. this time the warranty refuses to pay anything and the car has been sitting at the dealer since. i tried to wait out the five months and continue to pay with hopes of getting into a new car...i bet you can gues what happened...they couldnt find a lender to finance me. and as of today it has been three months with out a vehicle with no rental offered or anything...

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