Lifetouchschool photographs

W Oct 25, 2018

Prior to last year (2017-18), we never had any problems with LifeTouch's work. However, 2017's Spring Pictures were a total fiasco, and 2018's Fall Pictures aren't any better.

We have four (4) children. Three (3) of them were correct both last year and this year. However, last year they messed up my son's name. Each time I called to get it corrected (5 times) they would read it back to me correctly, but when we received the "corrected" pictures, they still weren't correct. The last representative I spoke with said she'd refund my money AND order the correct photos, but neither ever happened.

This year, we ordered pictures for all of the kids, but when the girls brought home their pictures, the boys only brought a piece if paper that said we could order the photos if we wanted.

When I called, I was told that we didn't pay for them - something I had already verified through the bank. Then it was because they didn't have the images - but I had e-mails from them showing the images. Each time she tried to make some excuse, I was able to prove her wrong.

I finally got a supervisor on the phone, and she made it right. But, when we received the photos, Dakota's name was messed up... AGAIN.

My advice... Do Not use LifeTouch. We won't be any more. We'll pay another (local) photographer to do our school pictures from now on.

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