LifeTime Fitness / eden prairie (flagship) outdoor pool

Eden Prairie, MN, United States

I often see complaints about the outdoor pool at the Flagship location and echo the sentiments of many, many other members. When the pool opens, typically Memorial Weekend, it is packed each and every Friday-Sunday. I attend a 7:15 AM cycle class and another after that so by 10 AM I am looking to move to the pool area to read the paper and relax. Unfortunately, by 10 AM almost every lounge chair is reserved with a white LTF locker room towel and usually a magazine. A number of these chairs stay empty "reserved" well past 2 in the afternoon. LTF needs to have a manager police this area to free up chairs for those of us who walk around this sea of "reserved" chairs looking for somewhere to sit immediately.

This LTF location also needs to offer "Member Only" weekends at the pool to accommodate those of us who pay $134-$245 per month to belong to the club. On any weekend the Guest Sign-In sheet at this location is 40-70 names long and 99% of these guests are out at the pool. I would be really interested to see what the pool guest to LTF member conversion rate is. I can safely assume it is next to nothing as most of the guests are high school and college aged people. Take care of the members, offer two weekends a month that are members only.

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