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This 30 day policy is a complete fraud! God forbid something should happen in your life that you need to open up some free cash and cancel a luxury such as a fitness center, Life Time does not care AT ALL!! I am currently going through the ridiculous procedures required to cancel a gym membership at Lifetime fitness. In today’s day and age with gas prices on the rise and people running into unexpected financial situations month to month, Lifetime Fitness shows no remorse or understanding to its customers and members.

It is currently June 13th 2008, and they have just openly admitted on the phone at their executive offices that it does not take 30 days to cancel a membership only that they use it as a way to charge you for and extra month fees! So regardless of my wishes to stop using their product they are going to take my money anyway. I will be calling my Credit Card Company and possibly cancelling my credit card or not allowing them to charge it.

When I signed up for Lifetime 8 years ago, they stood on a policy that they would not be another Ballys Fitness who locks you into contracts and makes you pay extra money after your wishes to cancel your membership...but it appears that they have in fact BECOME Ballys part 2 in the Chicago land area.

This is how Lifetime treats members who signed up and paid them before they put up the first brick for the building, they are UN sympathetic to their member’s life situations and all they care about is YOUR MONEY!


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  • Bu
      Dec 06, 2009

    This is a business, not your buddy you owe money to. A company can not help you out just because you're going through a rough time, they operate on a business level, not a personal level. You pay money to have a service provided to you. Your contract you signed CLEARLY STATES that you must cancel by the 5th of the month in order to not be billed for next month. That's the reality of a professional business. Do you expect the same leniency from your utility company? Do you call them and complain about how loyal you've been, and expect a delay or for them to stop your billing cycle early just because you're going through rough financial times?

    In regards to your claim that the executive office just wants to charge you an extra month to get more money:
    Of course it doesn't take 30 days to cancel a membership. Once again this is a business relationship, things must operate on a business cycle. That date is the 5th. By your own comments you clearly understand the policy, but just expect some special provisions be made for you. Or, what about someone who is not going through rough times but just simply wants to cancel their membership, should you be given special privileges not given to them just because of your hardship? Once again, do you feel that you should recieve a special discount on your morgage just because of rough times.

    As far as you cancelling your credit card: Let me save you the trouble, instead of cancelling just declare bankruptcy, because that's the only way to opt out of a payment you are legally obligated to make. What Life Time will do if you refuse to let your card be charged is simply have one of their lawyers pull up the contract YOU SIGNED saying you must cancel by the 5th or be charged an additional month and send it to your credit card company. If you still refuse your legal obligation they will send you to collections.

    The contract you signed clearly stated the cancellation policy. Sorry you're going through a rough time, but that doesn't magically alter your financial obligation.

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  •   Dec 20, 2009

    If you swear at them they will cancel your membership immediately and refund any prepaid activity!

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  • Ta
      Dec 27, 2009

    This is why I will never join Lifetime fitness. They just lie.

    I run a select basketball club with 5 teams of 10 to 12 per team. Without memberships we signed a contract for $65 an hour for practice time. So I went to the gym managers and asked if they could make me a deal if I get all the girls to become members of lifetime.

    They told me we would get two hours free each month if we rent two or more hours a week. That was a very good deal from my point of view. That was per team. So each of my teams would practic fours hours a piece and only have to pay for two hours a piece.

    Well when it was time to sign the contract. They stated the two free hours were out and all we would get was $65 an hour for gym rental. Well I already get the $65 so no deal.

    Since I pulled out because they changed the plan they attempted to pull the $65 deal I already had. Lucky I had a copy of the agreement and had to get my lawyer to make them honor the last 6 months.

    They are just liers and awlful.

    Use only month to month gyms ones were if you do not pay you can not use rather than automatic pay. Express Fitness is just the greatest. I only pay for what I use and no need for extra payment.

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  • Mi
      Jan 29, 2010

    It will all catch up with LIFETIME FITNESS. I think it is already, I have had two mailers "$0 to join". They don't care how it is ran! It is the numbers!

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  • Ei
      Feb 12, 2015

    Lifetime Fitness is an awful company. I'm currently dealing with a similar situation in trying to cancel and being strong-armed into paying for another month...seriously, it takes 7 weeks for my cancellation to go into effect? They just want to squeeze every last dime out of you and bank on 99% of their members forgetting the cancellation policy. I've been a member for 5 years and this is how they treat me. Not good business. Do a quick search of "Lifetime Fitness cancellation policy" and you'll see thousands of complaints. I understand there are contracts in place for a reason, but the world isn't black and white and they should have the flexibility to help a customer out when the situation calls for it. There are too many gyms out there to waste you time with one that cares so little about their customers.

    Such shameful business practices.


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