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If you are contemplating joining Lifemates Canada, you need to be aware of the hard sell tactics they apply to get your signature on the contract. The following is my story…….

I went to Lifemates’ office in Mississauga in May 2012 after seeing numerous ads on TV and online depicting them as the be all to end all in the dating world. I asked about the price. Their answer was that I first have to qualify ( believe me, if you have money in your bank account or a credit balance on your credit card(s), you WILL qualify. After a grueling 3 hrs, they present you with a contract and quickly go through it in 15 mins. If you ask questions, they’ll deflect them by bogus promises which they don’t intend to keep. The contract is slanted totally in favor of the company with numerous escape clauses. They will promise you “unlimited” referrals but on an “Availability” basis which is their magic word for providing you with mismatches or no service at all. You are not allowed to see photos of potential matches, yet are required to pay $299 for professional photography for no apparent purpose other than a money grab. You are matched via a vague phone description of the person. If you turn the referral down, it may be weeks or months before you’ll hear from them again. If you call and bug them, they’ll just say that there is no one available at the time. If you so much as accept one referral whether he/she is what you’re asking for, you can kiss your money goodbye. I had two dates in 5 months. Consider the following if you still want to check them out:

1. Leave your wallet in the car.

2. Your first question to the agent is ” Can I see photos of prospective referrals “. They will undoubtedly dodge the question by saying that you first need to qualify.

3. Keep asking until they answer. They’ll tell you that you need to play by their rules. You tell them that you’re the customer who’s paying and you want to know what you’re buying.

4. Never fill out their questionnaire until you get an answer to #2. The answer is a resounding NO. You are expected to buy sight unseen. If they don’t give you a straight answer, head for the door.

5. Start walking and don’t look back. Their main objective is to get you to sign on the spot because they know that once you walk, you’ll never return.

6. Google all the complaints associated with this outfit and file a complaint with the Ontario Consumer Protection Bureau. They will be investigated and the company can be fined $250K for Unfair Business Practice.

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      Jul 30, 2014

    Anyone wishing to sue Lifemates for a return of their money can contact me at [protected]

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