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I went into the johns creek location the other day for a second interview. I arrived early and waited close to 30 minutes for someone to come speak to me. Once the manager made time to come see me, he barely made eye contact with me and made me feel like I was being a burden. I was walked to his office where we both sat down at his desk and he informed me that he would not be conducting the interview. I assumed it was a scheduling issue or her had a personal problem to attend to, but he told me it was because I was not dressed appropriately. I was dressed in slacks and a nice shirt. I had to wear my converse because I came right from school, but the way he treated me was unacceptable. He told me that he would have to speak to whoever it was "that decided I should be allowed to have a second interview". I felt humiliated and stupid, but it got worse. I have a friend that works at the location and he actually confronted the "man" that interviewed me. He asked why he dismissed me without even trying to speak to me and his answer was that my shirt was not tight enough for his liking. As a woman with a heavier bust, I have always felt like I was looked at more as an object, but I have never felt like this. I am a 17 year old girl and this man had a problem with my shirt not being tight enough. Please, don't give your money to a corporation that employs people like that.

Aug 22, 2018
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  • 9w
      Aug 22, 2018

    seems sexist to me
    guess your would nothing more than enjoyment to him
    trying to be nice here but you get the idea

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  • Dj
      Nov 03, 2018

    hahhahaah the worst interview of you life and you are 17 hahahahaahah sexisam hahahaahahah you guys are so dumb its incredible

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