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Liberty tax easy loan is a scam! I filed my taxes on the 23rd and was trying to get the loan after paying over 450 dollars. I prequalified at Jackson Hewitt, never had an issue with my taxes, have good credit but I as denied but here is what happen, I get a call about 2hours after filing from a cell phone saying one of our child's ss # wasn't right by 1 number and my son's last name had an extra letter in it which I told him twice and it was fixedbefore I signed. About an hour or 2 later I get an email saying I was denied. Here's where I started to get suspicious, apparently the exact same thing has happen to about 4 people so far. It also come to my knowledge that in small print on the bottom of the last page that the office you filed in actually has to pay a fee for every loan that is approved! I'm assuming that's why a lot of people are being denied. I called the bank it's through and they that there are no funds with my name on it and in fact no info of me at all?? Just think it's ridiculous I have to pay 500 dollars (no deductions, just my info, my kids info and that's it) to file my taxes when every other year I've done my own for less then 50 dollars. He was so nice to help us but as soon as he got our money all that changed, rude and very short with me.

Jan 30, 2017

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