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In tax year ending 2008 we went to Liberty Tax inside the Manchester Mall in Fresno to have personal as well as a small corporate taxes prepared. It was e-filed by them, all was done to our satisfaction. (so we thought) The fee was $250.00. That was reasonable, no problem. We mailed in our check to IRS and State Franchise Board. Following year... same work... charged $350.00 by the same person, the owner of the franchise. Here comes the good part! When I complained about the difference in the charge, he said, "Oh yes Corporate said I didn't charge enough for that (2008) work, the fee has gone up." Well, now the work is done, we're up against a deadline, so we pay. Not happy about it but what are you going to do at this point? Fast forward to April 2012, I receive a letter from the state that they have not received payment for tax year ending 2010. I am absolutly positive I paid however, after doing the research through the bank, that check never cleared. So, ok can't prove I mailed it so, w have to pay fines, interests, etc. That part is not on Liberty. However, while on the phone with the State Franchise office, the agent mentions that 2008 filing has not been received. Now, remember, Liberty Tax e-filed that filing. So... I take my documents to the Liberty Tax office to get their copy of the e-filed form. He doesn't even remember doing this work although the documents are right before him. He can't find the document I needed. But during the conversation to hopefully refresh his memory, I mentioned the discrepancy in the fee from one year to the following year. His reply was, "Oh, well I just upped the fee cause I don't like doing corporates and I wanted to discourage you from coming back next year." That was a direct word for word quote!!! Do you believe that??? Well, I began to feel that heat rising from my neck up to my face, heart pounding... I'm on the launch pad ready... countdown...3..2..1..!!! So I said in my most controlled voice..."You know, that just doesn't work for me. With that kind of attitude... you owe me $100.00." Got on my cell phone, called my husband, gave him a brief synopsis and told this guy to repeat what he just said to me, to my husband and handed him the phone. They had a brief conversation where he admitted overcharging for the reason he stated. I heard my husband say to him..."guy, it would be best if you just gave her the hundred." He knew I was on the launch pad and ready for lift off at any second. He said he never said that he wouldn't give me the refund. So that is over... I WIN!!! Later, this guy has the nerve to tell me he was an honest guy. My reply was that if you were such an honest guy... we would never have come to this day and you wouldn't be this embarrassed! If your going to be honest... be honest ALL the time. Your problem is that you forgot the lie you told me in the first place. And when you told me the truth... you did not expect I would have the nerve to back you down...!!! Do you think I should still report him to Corporate? I would be interested in any feedback.

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      4th of Oct, 2012

    Why not! That way he doesn't keep abusing other people and deceiving them!

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