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Liberty Mutual / worst insurance company ever

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In January I started a new job where I got a discount using Liberty Mutual. At the end of January we had a very bad blizzard, and while driving to work I hit a large patch of black ice and the truck slid into an irrigation ditch.

I called the insurance company right away and told them what happened. They gave me a rental car, and a week later called me to tell me that my claim was being sent to a "special claims department". At that point my credit had gotten decent enough that I got a loan for enough to pay the truck off. Two weeks later they called again to tell me that my truck was drivable I needed to get it off of the lot that they had taken it to. I informed them that it wasn’t drivable, when they were towing it out of the ditch liquid was pouring out of the back axle. They told me ok, we'll leave it there until we can have it looked at.

Two more weeks later and the car rental company calls me to tell me that the insurance company stopped paying for my rental car, that I have to bring it back or they'll report it stolen, and that they billed me $200 for the week that the insurance company didn't pay for it. I called the insurance company and complained, so they paid the $200 but wouldn't extend my rental. I had to use the money that I got to pay off the truck to buy a second vehicle.

Two more months go by without any information from them, I have to call every week to check on any updates. I get the same answer "we're investigating it", essentially, don’t call us we'll call you.

After just over three months, they sent me an email saying that they denied my claim because I didn’t have enough insurable interest on the vehicle "title wasn’t in my name". Not only that, but they call me the Monday after and tell me to come pick up my truck, and to bring a cashiers check or money order for $800... They are charging me a storage fee for the three months that they had it in their lot... This company is the most shady company that I have every dealt with, and believe me, I deal directly with Microsoft...

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  • Qu
      16th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    If the vehicle was not in your name you do not have any insurable interest and shouldn't complain. Read the policy next time or know what you are doing.

  • An
      7th of Aug, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am having the same problem now with them. I regret using Liberty Mutual...Did you report it to the Insurance Commissioner?

  • Ta
      23rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am on the other side of this. A guy pulled out in front of me and to avoid hitting him I slammed on my brakes, he still scraped the front of my car. Then as I was getting ready to chase down the guy that hit me I had a car slam into me from the rear going about 50 MPH. The person who hit me in the rear is insured with Liberty Mutual and so the fun has begun. They took all my information the day after the accident and 5 weeks later they are just now send a claims adjustor out to the body shop and they don't even have a copy of the police report, I got the police report 4 days after the accident and I gave them all the information. Now they are saying they are only paying 50% of the claim because the other guy caused the accident. I said well you and the other insurance company who is just as bad (Allstate) need to get together and decide how I will be compensated. The girl at Liberty Mutual said I don't have to call Allstate and I am not going to.
    She was really nasty because she had dropped the ball and she did not want to admit it so instead she blamed me. I am so glad I have State Farm and I will never change.

  • Ir
      1st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Liberty Mutual is the worse insurance company I have ever dealt with. My vehicle has been hit several times, in which were not my fault. I took it to where they suggested only to find out sub-standard repairs were done. Once I found this out the supervising Appraiser Jim Flores was unwilling to have my vehicle repaired correctly. Instead I was sent from one auto repair shop to another, after I refused to have if repaired at the original Auto Body Shop, After Hours. He first informed me I had to take it there. However, lucky for me I knew I could take it where I wanted. I wanted the dealership to fix it and fix it right, yet was turned down for payment, therefore I had to take it to another body shop. This body shop he was willing to pay, yet only paid a portion and I had to pay the rest. I continually called Mr. Flores and Liberty Mutual, because I have a convertible and the top wouldn't go down properly. I felt unsafe driving a vehicle where the top wasn't secured properly. After a week of no response, my husband received a call late on Friday night: stating, there is no proof the top was damaged during the accident, and we are only paying for your rental to the previous Monday. Now they were called several times throughout the week stating we still had the rental, the shop it was at didn't fix the top, they were not qualified. Originally, we were told it would have to go to another shop to have the top fixed. However, on that Friday to late to return the rental, we were informed Liberty Mutual will not fix the top, nor would they pay for the rental. Now not one of these accidents were my fault, and the convertible top went down just fine in December when I put it down to put a couple of bags of Christmas Toys in the car. I find it's easier to do that. Then after the Accident it no longer went down. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the damage, which is just a clamp, by the way, was done either in the accident or the repairs. Now I have a practically brand new, very expensive vehicle, which has sub-standard repairs (Thanks to Liberty Mutual) it has 40, 000 miles on it, and what good is a convertible if the top doesn't go down. I was told to trade it in. Which is just as nice as, prove to me the top was damaged during the accident. I shouldn't have to trade in a vehicle because they are not willing to own up to their responsibility as my insurance company, who has been reimbursed by other insurance company's. Not to mention the amount of money I will lose due to the fact that the car has been hit several times, had sub-standard repairs, and it's a convertible that the top doesn't go down. Not to mention I have to pay for a week of rental that they refuse to pay for. This Can't Be Legal, yet when I suggested that, Mr. Jim Flores instructed me to have the vehicle repaired and file a claim in small claims court. Does anyone know where I turn from here, because I can't afford to just have it fixed and wait for my money back. If they would have sent me to the correct place to begin with, instead of trying to save a buck, I wouldn't be in this predicament. I can't wait to get this settled to change my 3 cars and two houses to another insurance company. If you are considering Liberty Mutual... THINK AGAIN

  • Ne
      27th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been waiting for a long time to get information regarding a claim that I have for a temporary medical leave from work. This claim is through Liberty Mutual. What does Liberty Mutual have to do to investigate a claim for intermittent leave of absence? I feel like I am PULLING TEETH! I called them again today and now they are getting ANGRY with me for calling so much! Well, if they would get back to me more often, I wouldn't have to call so much! They say they do get back to me but there have been times when I have left numerous messages to get an update with no response. This is stressful beyond belief! I am really tired of having to wait and wait and wait and wait!

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