Lfg -lease Finance Group / demanding money even though lease agreement has ended... extremely rude employees-threatening my credit status

IL, United States

This "business" needs to be shut down. I am one of several small business owners who have complaints with them. Why are they still in business? They have an 'f' rating with the bbb, several pages of complaint sites on the internet, yet they get away with ripping off people every day???
My lease was up at the end of december, 2009. I get constant phone calls saying I still owe the money because I was still in "possesion" of the credit card machine. I sent back the machine... Now I am getting phone calls still... Saying I owe them even more money. It started out at around $150.00... Today's phone call... I owe them $205.00.

I have asked them to quit calling. They do not. I tried talking with one of their employees, explaning to them that our lease has ended. I said "no wonder your company has a rating of an' f' with the bbb. He told me this:"your credit rating is going to be an "f' here in a minute.
This company and it's employees have got to go.

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