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Well here goes the 4th time I am trying to get some help about the situation I am having and no one seems to get back to me. The Walmart here, the employees are the rudest I have ever met. The people greeters are the friendliest ones in this store in Pueblo West. The complaint I have is that I had gone to Walmart to return my printer because it wasn't printing. I went to the customer service desk and told the gal that the printer wasn't printing. She said ok go back and find another one like it because we can't give you any money. So, my daughter and I went back there and couldn't find one. So I found one about $10.00 more and I bring it up to the front and she said I couldn't get that one. So, she asked a co-worker to go and check for one. He called and she walks up to him and she comes back and says I need a receipt and she couldn't do anything else. She was very very rude. The guy was going to give me another and she came right out and said no. What kind of policy do you have? She could have been a lot nicer. I don't try to take anyone for granted or think I am better than anyone. She was not a manager either. I would appreciate it if you could help me out.

Thank you!
Virginia Palmero My phone # is [protected].

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  • An
      May 03, 2011
    United States

    Stay away from Lexmark products. We purchased a Lexmark printer six months ago and it was a huge mistake. It's the X2650 All-In-One Printer/Scanner and it was a bargain at around $30. And that's where your financial savings end. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research before the purchase. This eats ink (and this is common with ALL of there printers when you read online) and the cartridges are in the $25 range. I mostly print black and white address labels and a cartridge prints about 60 which means I am paying 50 cents each AND supplying the paper. I have made a less than TEN color copies and I have received warnings for a month that my color cartridge is out of ink. This is there schtick and the cartridges are not refillable. The scanner is AWFUL. It works only on flat items and anything slightly dimensional is not an option. I will NEVER buy any Lexmark product again. This is landfill material. ...Going back to HP as soon as I run out of black ink in a few days. Caveat Emptor.

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  • Er
      May 23, 2011

    You paid 30 dollars for a printer and expected to what pay 2 dollars for an ink cartridge? Lexmark has an outstanding printer on sale for 199.99. The black ink cartridges are only 4.99 for 510 pages, less then a penny a page. It also comes with a five year warranty. Just because you are too stupid to do your own research don't blame the company.

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