Lewis Stores / couches

I went and bought couches from Lewis stores in Meyerton on credit. Before i paid the deposit of R1000. 00 They never explained all the extra cost interest ect to. I asked the ladies if the deliver and they just said yes they can. Afterwards they only told me that i need to pay R840 for delivery fees and now that the grand total for R10000 couches is R25900.

I then went back to store today just after 1 o clock and told them i no longer want them and i want to cancle the arrangement. They first tried to convince me in taking them but i stood by my decision. They then said they will send someone aroun 16:30 to fetch the couches. It is now 18:37 and still aren't here. I don't know what the reason is but now I am scared that they will wait till 5 days have passed and then refuse the refund.

They also said i can not get my deposit back after i cancle the arrangement with them. Please assit in helping me. Date i signed for the arrangement was 27 th July day canceled was 30 th July.

Kind regards

Jul 30, 2018

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