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Was contacted by someone on letgo to sell my wedding dress. Mary anderson or mary greene. After she paid me her account was deleted. The check she sent me bounced and now i'm out 700 for the payment. Her phone number is [protected]. I am still corresponding with her her story is she lived in frankfort but move to oregon city. She is now asking for my credit card information to resend me the money which I did not do.

Jun 05, 2018
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  • In
      Jun 17, 2018

    Here's a thought...USE YOUR BRAIN. Nearly every single dummy on here complaining of scams got scammed because they are stupid.
    You dont take a CHECK from a stranger and hand over your item. You dont send money electronically to someone either. Are you people for real? Who is this naive and lacks sense to this extreme? ITS 2018...none of you should be falling for [censored] like this.

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  • Ma
      Aug 09, 2018

    This Phone number [protected] send me messages too saying she really wants to buy my wedding dress I posted in Let go. She told me the same story about sending me a check for payment but i got very suspicious when she left and deleted our conversations in Let go chat.

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  • Ta
      Aug 11, 2018

    To all my friends in Denver
    Let It Go Scam alert!
    Dude will tell you he wants to hold your money while you test drive, and when you return knowing the car is a piece of junk he will have disappeared texting back with only it was an as is sale with no bill of sale, only to find that he put the title in the glove box while you were looking around at the car. Tried frinding out who he was and not even the police would help( I knew what apartment building he was in an apartment number complements of the neighbors but the officer said it was a civil matter)! The vehicle was recently bought and the last owner didn’t get his name either... I lost 3, 000 and as a single mother needing a vehicle to take my kids to school and back this is a major hardship!
    If you see his post please notify the Denver Police Department as there is already a case open (I’m hoping)
    He lives in apartments off of Quincy (7755 E Quincy)

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  • Ta
      Aug 11, 2018

    @Tabitha Madden From what I was told he has been selling a large amount of vehicles from that address

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