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Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 3 14 / cracked screen

1 United States

The LED screen of Lenovo Yoga Ideapad 3.14 I bought via Lazada had cracked at the 3rd week after I received.
The Ideapad just getting crack for not being bang, dropped, hit, stepped and pressed hardly with object placed above. Since i had only used for 3 weeks/lesser, I am pretty sure none of this incident happened. This Yoga Ideapad has been designed with the function of convertible from normal laptop to pad with touchscreen. Before the cracking happened, I always had the problem of converting it to touch screen which I had no idea this failure has spelled some potential problem with the LED screen. Recalling this, I believe the screen has suffered damage internally which was invisible upon receipt or even when it was started being used.
I see the crack is arise from either poor LED quality or design problem with Lenovo, both Lenovo and merchant are unwilling to take responsibilities for this damage that happened “naturally” . I understand from Lenovo that the warranty has excluded the screen, they quoted me MYR 1, 500 for the new LED replacement and RM160 labour cost while my purchase cost was MYR 2, 580. This actually tell other parts like motherboard, ram, labour cost, profit for both Lenovo & merchant and etc cost about RM1, 000...logic ??
On the other hand, why the warranty has excluded the LED screen which the cost has taken about 58% of their selling price???
Lenovo claimed these reason would contributed to the cracked of LED when they refuse to owner their design /production fault :
- Some pressure put on the unit
- A sharp object or edge forcefully contacts the display screen
- Shutting your laptop with small items, such as pencil or small ear-phone left on the Keyboard
- Placing heavy materials on top of your Laptop and Keyboard
- Holding and lifting the Laptop by its LCD Display (the screen) instead of its base
Does these reasons make sense ? I see it actually tell that Lenovo is using fragile LED……then they should labeled a statement of “ Handle With Care” at this product and explain in the manual book. Unfortunately, they are not ……….are they trying to take any advantage of the loophole with their warranty that has excluded the LED screen which cost about 58% of entire cost ? ???

I referred to the forum of Lenovo and found a group of user has encountered this damage with their Lenovo Yoga 3 ...I will like to urge all consumers not to buy the Lenovo products since the management /business as a whole is not reliable, unwilling to take responsibilities for their product damage without reasonable reason..

Jul 20, 2015

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