Lenovo Groupideapad mp163g0u

SR No :- 163G0U
Dear Lenovo team, I recently bought a Lenovo ideapad on 15th April 2017 from exclusive store. After just using 18 days the laptop developed a fault whilst updating. Reported the issue to Lenovo tech support team and ended up speaking with an agent Neeraj. The guy asked me to speak with Microsoft and promised a call back by 7 pm on 29 April afternoon. However agent didn't call up, hence I ended up waiting till Tuesday 2nd may 2017 just to speak with the tech support. I thence spoke with Chandan (SME) from tech support and continued with the trouble shooting steps. As per Chandan I agreed to format my system wiping off the data I had just because of his statement (I.e max duration of 25 mins to complete everything) however took more than 2 hrs to reach 56% and system got stuck between. I couldn't continue troubleshooting that day because of my work and had to continue with the process on 3rd of may. I called the tech support once again and spoke with Chandan to continue with the same process (even though requested him to call me up via email but he still didn't call) and we restored the windows, however as soon as we started updating, the system getting restarted on his own. Having gone through with the process 3hrs (in each day) we finally identified that it's the hard drive failure and Lenovo has sold me a faulty hard drive laptop after all. This is the biggest pain for a customer to have the same faulty Laptop as I had to pay a huge amount to buy that laptop. Now the tech support guys are refusing me to replace the laptop instead they asked to replace the hard drive only whereas it's just 19 days old machine.
1. Lenovo has sold me a faulty hard drive laptop and refusing to replace the laptop.
2. Tech support and customer service remains only from 10am - 7pm Monday through Saturday as it's a real gruelling process to speak and get support from them for one who's working.
3. Customer support is ridiculously bad, as they don't follow any hold procedure neither take permission from customer to put on hold instead they use mute and put majorly around 6-7 mins without keeping customer informed between.
4. They don't hesitate argue with any customer rather they being very intrusive and express themselves instead taking customer's concern.
5. Make fake promises like sending emails or call back and they done get done at all. (Eg. A so called team lead "Pasha" extremely adamant who doesn't even listen to a customer & take personal)
6. Agent do not call up even after receiving email directly from customers and have to give them a call back by going through from zero procedure.
A very painful for a customer to own Lenovo product and not easy to report the issue. Limited options and very uneasy to get someone who's helpful. Being very adamant and no exceptional services like Dell or apple.
Please pull a few calls (Neeraj, Chandan, Pasha & Vijay) to have overview idea about your services. It will remind you that you are still at zero and not customer oriented service at all. Hence kindly help to overwhelm out of this issue.

May 03, 2017

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