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I need to get the wax ring for my toilet replaced ($1.95 part cost at Home Depot). I called Len the Plumber and made an appointment. As money is tight I called back to get an estimated price for replacing the wax ring and re-setting the toilet. He skirted around the price issue the whole time we talked stressing the quality of work and comfort of having a large company doing the work. He asked me what I thought it should cost and I said $100-125. He chuckled and said feel free to call us back if you want it done right. I then said..."so, you are not going to give me a price". He said to have a nice day. RUDE The plumber came out and within 5 minutes gave me a price of $255.00...REALLY. He said it was the industry standard and showed me the pricing book. I spoke to 2 other independent plumbers and both said it was a $100 job at best. I went on line and watched a video on how to replace the wax ring and completed the job myself for $5.97 (the cost of a new reinforced wax ring and new closet bolts from Home Depot). My suggestion: call anyone but Len the plumber and if you are up to the challenge view a video or read a book and do the job yourself and save money

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  • Jo
      Sep 12, 2012

    people, stop calling electricians, plumbers, roofers, and start doing it yourself, build your own car, your own house, and maintain them yourself, when the engine in your car burns up, rebuild it yoursel[censored] 7 eleven mechanics always say they can do something for you for less then a liscensed plumber or electrician, roofer, or any 1 with years of experience, and a liscence do back it up. So next time you call some one because YOU CAN'T DO IT YOUR SELF, keep that in mind. Why don't you tell your doctor he way to expensive?? Len The Plumber and all the LICENSED AND INSURED personnel he has working for him have more experience then you or YOUR UNLICENSED, AND NO REAL EXPERIENCE PEOPLE have. So either do the job yourself, or get unlicenced, uninsured, and the idots that can't back there work, to do it for you. By the way, i doubt he pays 1.75 for a wax ring for your water closet, he buys by the skid. the price of the part isnt what you should worry about, the fact a licensed and insured plumber is what your paying for.

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  • Wh
      Oct 15, 2017

    GIVE IT A BREAK!!! Toilets and other plumbing problems have a particular urgency for repair so it doesn't leave a lot of time the to research the BEST WAY. That leaves the door for open price gouging, which, when a plumber charges 300 per hour to replace a wax ring on a toilet, is what it's called (and is what happened to me). Don't give me the crap about licensed, insured, ordained, master, plumber doctors and skid prices on toilet rings. You roll the dice the first time you call a contractor for anything
    And you hope you get treated fairly from a price and performance standpoint. When you don't, you [censor] about it, tell everyone you know, and never use them again. I know what it takes to replace a a wax ring, have done it myself, and 700.00
    (my bill) was WAY WAY WAY too much. It was just lousy timing that I couldn't do it myself and at the same time, couldn't have a leaking toilet...So, LEN the plumber is WAY overpriced to the extent of price GOUGING

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