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On the day before Thanksgiving 2010, I had a water faucet that would not turn off. It was flowing continuously and I could not turn it off even below the sink. Called several plumbers and Len the Plumber said they would come late that afternoon. Their estimate was $356 to do a job that took a little over an hour. I felt like I had no choice unless I wanted my faucet to flow for 5 or more days. They took advantage of me by overcharging me close to double what it should have cost. MD Attorney General can do nothing because there is no consumer protection law to prevent overcharging by businesses in MD. So much for being in a progressive state. Len the Plumber is a ripoff company.

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  • Ga
      31st of Jul, 2011

    I do not like Len the Plumber or there managers, Len is a good guy, When I see someone write crap like this I have to ask 1 or 2 questions, there was no overtime rate or holiday pay they came right out, You said you were DOUBLE CHARGED, 1ST QUESTION, COULD YOU FIX IT? NO, Who was the one that told you, you were over charged? another plumber, just to make you feel as though they would have charged half the price or to make you feel bad that you actually had someone come to your house in and emergency that had the knowledge to do what you couldn't do, then comes the assnine complaints, as I said I have worked there and do not like the co. But you sir, mam are and ### for even saying what you have said, I hope for you that something else breaks that you of course can not fix and you call the guy that told you you were double charged and he puts you through the ringer and takes every dime from you, maybe right before it is time for you to do christmas shopping and you won't be able to get your GI JOE because not only did the idot plumber tell you you were over charged but everytime he comes to you and jacks up the price on you, which i know once Len the plumber gives you a price that is the price no extras, and then the so called cheaper plumber is just that and when he walks out the door what ever he had to fix breaks and floods your home and he won't come back because he knowns he "F" ed up your house and took your money and never comes back then you will be thankful to call Len the Plumber you know the one that atleast backs up his work with a warranty, and has no problem having someone come out on a holiday day or night, you are the reason why most companies hate to knock on doors like you weasals just trying to put crap out about a co, that obvious did the work right, but you and your dumb self are just trying to screw them over and get your money back and still have your work professionally done, , , , what an ### you are, It's a shame the companies don't get to share our stories about idot customers like you,

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  • Ja
      26th of Oct, 2011

    Sadly, this is typical in MD. We have lived here for 11 years and the difference between MD and Northern VA is night and will pay 3-4 times more in MD for the same service. There is no competition, they all have the same (over)price schedule. Not sure why that is.

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