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Lemon Squad Used Car Inspectors


Used car pre purchase inspection

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Lemon Squad
Minneapolis, Minnesota
United States
There was some issues with regards to response time for inspection. And big issue was on payment for computerized inspection but got visual inspection. Although, after talking with the owner, I got a re-fund of the balance but I did not get the service I actually paid for initially. This, I was not OK with. The visual inspection was ok. I recommend anyone that wants to use this company to chat with the owner ahead to make sure they actually understand the scope of work.
Lemon Squad does not hire mechanics or check the car mechanically.
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N  11th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
The above post revised - Had and issue with the inspection but the owner acted quickly and honestly to rectify the issue. Good owner, good company with excellent service
N  14th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Lemon squad was great for me, andy was fast with a responce, They went back twice. Nice Job!!
D  9th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
This is Andy from Lemon Squad. Yes, we do use mechanics to do these inspections. The original poster above was wrong and revised his statement also above. You can also look at our reviews though Google Checkout. They send an email to all of our customers to have them give a review. We cannot edit them or pick and choose. They are all there for the world to see. If you have any questions about our service please call us. 888-231-7965
N  10th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I am Rodger from NZ.
Yes Andy, you may use mechanics, but as we both know, the one you used to do an inspection for me in NC. failed to follow your advertised proccedure, incorrectly ticked boxes, photographed the good and completely left out the bad defects. All easy to see, even 10 feet away. A report that said truck truck was "show condition, one of the best", when it actual fact half of it was good and half was so bad. Left me thousands out of pocket, due to Andy informing me their disclaimer clause excluded them from any liability, even though he admitted they let me down. They sure did.. He even stated he was as much a victim as I was. You got to be kidding. So pre-purchase inspection seekers, BEWARE the DISCLAIMER clause.
I have no idea how disclaimer clause works in US, but I take Andy's word for it, that it means he has no liability regardless of how inaccurate the report was. Overseas buyers, you may not have the safe guards in MN. that we have at home.
Andy, to his credit, after much prompting, did wire me $1500, {a very small portion of what I will finally have to pay to make good}, saying he did not have to, just his generosity and goodwill, and I should take responsibility for this. Are you kidding me???
I thought using Lemon Squad was my insurance against buying a Lemon, , but how wrong I was.
N  22nd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
We bought a car in Fishers Indiana. We used lemon squad to check out and test drive the car we ended up purchasing. The report we got back on the car showed a lot of pictures and we were made aware of some minor exterior scratches both in the typed up report and pictures that were uploaded by the technician. What we were extremely surprised about was that the technician never took nor reported the claw like marks on the rear passengers side arm rests (most likely from previous owners pet). One side of the car was much worse with claw marks than the other side but it was definitely noticeable when we picked up the car. I can't figure out how this was missed and we would of used this as part of negotiating with the dealership to get replaced before we purchased. Also it was not mentioned that each tire was a mismatch. No four tires were the same. They all had good tread as was reported but were all different brands. (which from doing some research online can lead to misalignment and poor gas mileage. Bought a whole new set of tires as a result. The leather arm rests will be about 300 bucks for both sides to get replaced. Just surprised because these are easily noticeable flaws that I would expect as a consumer to be made aware of by a technician who is paid to show out of state buyers what cosmetic flaws the car may have. I don't think I would use them again just because every mechanic is going to be different and may not care to report the things which can make or break a deal.
N  23rd of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Sbalderas88, what a shame you did not see my feedback before using Andy Dabbs Lemon Squad, and I am not the only customer left out of pocket, big time, due to his company's inability to deliver what they promise in their inspection reporrts.
But I am probably the biggest loser, even after the $1500 refund, I am still thousands of dollars out of pocket.
Andy even called me to tell me he was getting his lawyer to to investigate what I have written in feedback, in the hope that I would not leave any feedback.
But as Andy knows, they did not deliver, I bought a shocker, and I have stuck to 100% factual and accurate feedback.
One quick glance from almost anyone other than that Lemon Squad guy, would have told me, don't buy, its a Lemon.
I gave up asking for a fair outcome from Andy long ago, as he made it clear they accept no responsibility for their mistakes, no matter how bad they are.
Above you will also see Andy says they have good feedback on Google Checkout. I am not surprised, not easy to use, I tried to put feedback directly on Lemon Squads webpage, thinking it would be the place people, { including me}, look first, before using any the service.
I tried several times, just to warn others of the risk involved using this company. Each time I submitted, I got a message to say it would be reviewed and displayed if content was ok. Never to be seen on feedback, even though it was polite, factual, but of course, they don't allow negative accurate feedback. So, my only option is to use sites like this that are user friendly and hope others use them. Andy, you have my permission to copy and paste my complaint above on your Lemon Squad review page.
Of course, if you prefer, and have had a change of heart and do what any decent company CEO would have done from the start, I will be very happy to report that feedback too.
N  24th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
At no time have I ever received an email from Google Checkout to do a review on Lemon Squad, That may be why there is no negative feedback on their website regarding Lemon squad,
N  14th of Mar, 2014 by    0 Votes
I would certainly warn buyers and sellers to be aware about how Lemon Squad rates cars. Their rating system can be highly inaccurate and in my case, grossly underrate a car. I have lost a sale because someone that doesn't have first hand knowledge of the car gives it an "average" rating. The car in question is 5 years old, always garage parked and only has 6000 miles. It is an above average car, you won't find a car like this one very often. How can someone that hasn't looked at a car determine that it is average? Yes, it has had some paint work done after a parking lot scrape but as I explained to the inspector, it was never in a collision. Because it has had paint work done, it gets an average rating. When I tried to discuss the rating with the Lemon Squad they were rigid in opinion, rude and hung up on me. Not a very professional way to handle a dispute. A more professional approach would to genuinely show concern, understanding and offer to work on a solution. I'm sure theirs is a CYA approach to underrate a car and thereby reduce the chance for complaints. In this event, their approach caused a buyer to not get a great deal. At this point I would not recommend using Lemon Squad. Their rating system cannot be relied on.

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