Lease Finance Group LLC / fraud and theft

Chicago, IL, United States

An employee from the Lease Finance Group solicited service for Credited Merchant Services to my small business. She intentionally lied and misrepresented the companies services. Also after she left she changed the contract I signed to reflect a 4 year contract. As soon as I found out the contract had been changed I tried to contact the sales person and the company directly and could not speak to either one. The neighbor next to my business was a restaurant and they had the exact same experience. I got a lawyer in Texas to help me with this situation. My business was in Conroe, TX but I have since closed it and moved to Louisiana. They have filled suite against me in Chicago, IL. They are counting on the fact that I cannot travel up there to fight this fraudulently signed contract. I have researched this company and found thousand s of other people with my exact same story. I am amazed that this company is still doing this. What can be done to stop this company that professionally scams people?
I am urging anyone who has had the same experience to report it to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madgian

and to Assistant State's Attorney Sophia Lopez, Supervisor of the Consumer Fraud Unit

and to the Federal Trade Commision.

This Company has to be stopped!

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