lean muscle/testoforce / scam

1 United States

Testoforce and lean muscle are a joint organisation with credit and debit card information being passed between the two of them
Originally I ordered a free jar of tablets[pd £8.00 p&p] twelve days later £99.99 was taken out of my account;I phoned their offices in Cyprus spoke with an agent who refused to give me my money back, however after 15minutes of arguing she agreed 50%.The next day I checked my order confirmation and it confirmed I was within the cancellation period-the agent the previous day said I was not-I telephoned them again and was told I was right, send back the tablets and they will refund the balance.This I duly did at a cost of £8.00 to Cyprus. When the tablets are received my money will be refunded[lets wait and see] Surprise, surprise on the same day as the £99.99 was taken out of my account a further £84.71 was paid to lean muscle of which I have never dealt with plus £20.50 to an American company that I have never dealt with.I have notified my bank and stopped my debit card. It appears information is being passed from one scamming organisation to another;beware the banks are not bothered, we know their attitude and neither are the police, so do not fall for these scams anything offering a free trial dismiss, take my advice.

Mar 20, 2013

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