LD Productsdefective remanufactured hp901xl black and hp 901 color ink cartridges

I have been ordering REMANufactured HP901XL black and HP901 color ink cartridges from LD Products since 5/31/11. I had little or no problems with these cartridges until an order placed on 8/12/15. That's when I had to start interacting with LD Products via Live Chat on their website, because of problems printing with their REMAN ink. While they do honor their lifetime guarantee warranty, whereas, they will mail you a postage free envelope to send the defective cartridges back to them, and they will send you replacements; however, it got to the point where I was sending back every cartridge that I had ordered. This is unacceptable.

To be detailed, on 8/12/15, I ordered 2 REMAN HP901XL and 2 REMAN HP901 Color cartridges, and on 12/4/15 for $79.96. On 12/4/15, I returned 1 REMAN HP901XL to LD for replacement.

On 7/14/15 I contacted LD for the 2nd defective H901XL Black Cartridge and sent back this cartridge to LD, as per their warranty. Since at this point I was out of black ink, I had to go to Office Depot and purchase HP901XL black ink cartridge.

On 7/29/16 I ordered 3 REMAN HP901XL black and 2 REMAN HP901 color cartridges from LD for $60.47.

On 12/3/16 an LD REMAN HP901XL cartridge was installed and NO BLACK INK WOULD PRINT. On 12/4/16 I contacted LD requesting replacement of 2 REMAN HP901XL from order [protected]. LD customer service emailed me Troubleshooting Directions; whereas, wetting a paper towel and dabbing the ink side, and then dabbing the ink side on a dry paper towel. This worked and I thanked LD for the suggestion.

On 5/11/17, I had several issues with REMAN HP901XL black and REMAN HP901 color cartridges. Tried the Troubleshooting with wet/dry paper towel dabbing, and THIS DID NOT WORK. By this time, I had gone thru all LD REMAN HP901XL black and REMAN HP901 color cartridges that I had.
Had to go to Office Depot and buy both HP901 color and black ink...very expensive.

After I was able to install the Office Depot HP genuine ink, my problem was resolved.

I decided to contact LD Products via their website Chat Line, just to vent my frustration. I don't believe that LD Products can offer a desireable solution to my frustration, short of, refunding me for every defective ink cartridge I purchased from them, which they will not do. It's COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TO SPEND THE TIME TO ORDER INK CARTRIDGES FROM LD PRODUCTS, WHEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO END UP SENDING THEM BACK FOR REPLACEMENTS. IT IS MY DESIRE TO WARN OTHER CUSTOMERS TO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME AND MONEY IN DEALING WITH LD PRODUCTS, UNLESS THEY ARE PREPARED TO ORDER CARTRIDGES, AND PLAN ON SENDING THEM BACK FOR REPLACEMENTS.

Below is my Online Chat with a representative from LD Products...FYI...

Customer Service

Your message has been received, this is an automated message.
May 11, 1:33 PM PDT

Chat transcript:
Visitor: I am very disgusted with LD Products...I have gone thru many of the color and black HP REMAN cartridges, having problem after problem for all the ink I ordered thru you.
Jose: Hello, my name is Jose. I'll be happy to assist.
Jose: I am sorry to hear you are experiencing a problem with the cartridges
Visitor: It has become such an issue, that I have a documented booklet since ordering since 2011. The problem with the cartridges began on 12/4/15 and has continued thru the last order on record.
Jose: When you try and print, do you receive an error message on the screen, and if so, what does it say?
Jose: * Is the printer attempting to print?
Jose: * Is it a print quality issue such as streaks or does a blank page come through?
Visitor: I have done everything recommended, like dabbing the cartridges with wet towel and dabbing them on dry towel. These REMAN cartridges are not worth the trouble...and...I had to go to Office Depot today and spend $52 on a HP 901 black and HP901 color...which is a horrible pricel
Visitor: I have spent entirely too much time fooling with this REMAN cartridges, and have decided to NOT order from you again, and may be making a review and notating this problem, so that future customers are not wasting their time with your REMAN cartridges.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Long Beach, CAVisitor: If you can review your file on the amount of times I have returned cartridges to you and you have sent me replacements, you will see the problem.
Visitor: Once I put the HP 901 color cartridge in my printer more issues.
Jose: I'm so sorry for trouble - we can have it replace since our cartridges are covered up to lifetime warranty
Jose: sorry to hear if you've got a bad cartridges
Jose: can I get the order# and your complete name please?
Jose: and the number of cartridges that are affected and colors?
Visitor: My name is ***** **********...
Visitor: ************************************
Visitor: These cartridges have a problem since my first return on 12/4/15, and since them the problems have continued...If you check your details on my orders and Replacements sent, you will see that it is a sad state of affairs for LD products.
Jose: checking..
Jose: can I have number of cartridges that are affected and colors?
Jose: it is 1 HP901 Color and 1-HP 901XL Black
Visitor: All cartridges that I have ordered from 12/4/15 have been problematic...These include 3 orders:
Visitor: [protected], [protected], [protected]
Visitor: Do you see NON Reman HP 901 color and black cartridges?
Visitor: Do you Sell NON Reman HP 901 color and black cartridges?
Jose: how many cartridges are affected so we can proceed on replacing those?
Jose: I can see the Remanufactured through each and every order and reshipment made
Jose: for this - we just need to know how how many cartridges are affected so we can proceed on replacing those?
Visitor: Can't you look at the above 3 orders I have listed and see the cartridges that were contained in those orders?
Jose: [protected], [protected] -= are replacements
Jose: [protected] = is the order made July 2016
Jose: how many Black and colors are giving you the issue?
Visitor: let me look thru my moment
Jose: ok
Jose: can you just tell me how many Black and colors of HP 901 are in need of replacing?
Jose: that would easiest way for both of us?
Jose: instead of assuming
Jose: please advise
Visitor: On a quick looks like 5 of the HP901XLs and 2 of the HP901 color cartridges have had problems.
Jose: ok you mean you have a total of 5 HP901XL Black on your possession that is printing all bad? and 2 HP901 Colors too? total of 7 cartridges sitting on your desk?
Visitor: That is the number of cartridges that have given me issues...and have been thrown away...since...I had to go to Office Depot today to buy new ones.
Jose: sorry to hear if all cartridges are bad
Jose: we can have it replaced again since we have warranty for the cartridges ( lifetime)
Jose: however, we can only replace what can be return to us
Jose: for this - I can give you a 15% off on your next purchase exclude OEM's
Jose: I will put that on my note today in your account
Jose: I'm so sorry for what happenewd
Jose: *happened
Visitor: I will not be dealing with LD Products in the future and plan to write a bad review. Since I have been fighting with 7 cartridges since 2015 to try to get them to work, and have been returneing everyone that I order...WHAT IS THE POINT?
Jose: That's why we cover our cartridges (non OEM) for lifetime warranty - if in case of bad items - we can replace right away without any cost or refund you back
Visitor: I would like for you to email a copy of this chat session to me so that I can paste in in my complaint to LD email address is [protected]
Jose: sorry to hear about you've gone with our cartridges - you may please copy and paste this chat conversation for your convenience
Jose: or you can do a print screen instead
Jose: are you still there?
Jose: I'm so sorry again, but we cover all shipping cost for free replacements including the return envelope for your return items which others didn't provided
Visitor: GOOD BYE
Jose: Again, I'm sorry for all of these inconveniences, I can only give you a 15% off
Jose: on your next purchase
Customer Service
LD Products
3700 Cover St, Long Beach, CA 90808

May 12, 2017

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