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I ordered from Ph with an optimistic mind. I have been shopping online for years plus i am an online seller myself. Basically, i hoped for a hassle and worry free transaction plus a quick one. It was my first time to order from this site as i have been intrigued to try them since they really have too many ads that can catch a customer's interest.

Deep down i know this site is legitimate (As an online seller for years, i think i already developed the instinct on how to spot one) so i did not try to research about them. Then that started my bad luck! Because i was so trustful with them to have my first transaction i never bothered to check on reviews which i found out later that there are plenty of negative ones.

I ordered november 24, 2012 and paid my order quickly via mastercard. It was a mobile phone purchased for a gift and it will be posted in my address in davao province. I understood that the lead time is 5-10 days. However, as i checked on my account after the 5th day, it was still not shipped. So i got worried. I emailed twice and called several times (Calling from my mobile which is very expensive as the line can be busy most of the time and i am put on hold) and i got an answer the next day telling me that my order is on process and i just have to wait some more. I asked if when will my item be probably shipped out. They said they do not know as the warehouse staffs are the one sending the items. Well, that freaked me out! What's the use of being a customer support then? And their emails? Nothing that really answers my questions. It was like a "copy-paste" standard email sent for all who inquired! But yet, i gave them time still hoping to have my order within time frame.

Today, 7th day after i paid, my item is still not shipped. I emailed to ask for another update. This time, they quickly replied with my email. We have exchanges of emails and to make the story short, the customer service told me that my item is out of stock and they will be having a restock on december 8th. Whaaat???!! That made me furious! After a week of stressful waiting they will only tell me now that they do not have it? See?? They are deceitful. Showing the customer's it's in stock when there is none! I could have understand if they placed there "pre-order" but no! What was posted in the ad when i bought it was "in stock" in capital and bold letters!

Now i am asking them for a refund because they cannot guarantee when will the ship out be. As their statement say "only the warehouse people knows when will be shipped". Well, that's it! It's over! Why would i pursue a transaction that it was not even existing at first and they cannot even guarantee a date of the ship out! I cannot wait forever! No assurance at all! Lazada philippines maybe a legit online shopping site but the trouble and stress i've experienced from them made me gave up!

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  • Dr
      Apr 14, 2013

    I belong to online shopper because I do not have time to do ‘normal shopping’ (I am so busy with my work). I am credit card holder for more than 30years & use it internationally. My favourite online shops are amazon all over the world, ebay international and many others. I am ordering about 80.000 to 120000 in pesos monthly, sometimes less, sometimes more. I never had such bad experiences with any online companies AROUND THE WORLD as with lazada Philippine! I can publish the facts from supports which is shocking. IF YOU ARE HAPPY WITH LAZADA, THEN IS COMPARABLE WITH WINNING LOTERY! LAZADA IS FOR ME BAD, totally different level compared with amazon . I would not recommend anyone to buy anything from lazada, only get headache and high blood. The support and service departments are mostly incompetent. If you order not expensive items, it might be ok!

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