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the item was sent to my friend in philipinnes, paid n delivered, took a long time, the item would not even switch on ?? don't cherry and lazada do a quality check before sending anyway the n/b was sent back, took lazada about 10 days to confirm what a child would know in one minute, they said u buy another item as there are no refunds??? great business principals, but the worst is to come, my friend re-purchesed another item, and to my friends dimay they are charging another delivery fee, 900p again, whos fault was it that the original item wouldn't work, not the purchasers fault, there excuse its protocol we have to charge, disgraceful business ethics, must be a low life company-- no ethics at all you can contact me as my friend is too scared to even complain?? my email [protected], hope you csn do something about this, common business sense tells me lazada should pay the extra delivery fee not the poor unsuspecting ripped off customer regards george

Jan 10, 2016

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