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Do not purchase a freelander!!!
I purchased a used 2003 freelander with 10, 000 miles on it. The freelander was under the original factory warranty and had coverage until 40, 000 miles. I had all of my receipts, for the synthetec oil changes. Followed all ofthe rules to make sure that if anything were to happen to the freelander that it would be covered under the original factory warranty. I exchanged e-mails with land rover north america, phone calls, talked to
Numerous land rover certified mechanics and until I logged on to look and see what the latest recall was, did I find
Unfortunately that there were hundreds of people in my
My same situation. I get so angry when I think of all
The money that I have put into this car, when I know
That at any given moment it could stall on the highway
Going 85 mph with loss of all electric functions, no steering or brakes, over heating, recall on the recalled brake light, the back passenger seat window dropped down because it had wound itself up in the motor which burned up, causing it to fail.
I don't know all of the mechanic lingo, but i
Do know that I paid $7, 000 for a rebuilt engine, after
Only having the car for a year. It has been in the
Shop more than its been in my driveway. I was told
That I didn't have my oil changed frequently enough,
Even though I had the receipts to prove it.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Salt Lake City, UTWhen i
Asked "why didn't the oil lamp light come on?" I was
Told by the land rover mechanic "there was so much sludge built up in the bottom of your engine that it couldn't read the level of the
Oil!" I have read some of the other forums only to see
That other people had been told the same thing by land
Rover. A rental car was to be covered under the original factory warranty for 9 months, while my land rover was parked at the american fork land rover waiting for the mechanics to find an engine to replace the one that I "supposedly," ruined. Only to find out that I would be paying for 9 months of a driving a rental car, that cost me $6000, and a rebuilt freelander engine which cost me $7000. Land rover decided that they were not going to cover the engine under the original factory
Warranty, due to "customer neglect!" my credit rating dropped. I was forced to pay for a rebuilt engine, car payment, rental car and insurance while the freelander sat waiting for a rebuilt engine. I don't want the money. I want what I paid for, a car that should run & not cause me stress when I need to go somewhere, just wondering when and if its going to start.
Nobody should have to go through what i've
Been through with a used or brand new car. You can e-mail
Me @ [protected]

Chantell d.

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  •   Jun 24, 2009

    The three upscale vehicle makes with the worst maintenance and repair records and lowest customer satisfaction are Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and Land Rover.

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