Lancome / free gift not available and I have been sold a gift item at full price

I visited Debenhams earlier today and purchase a new foundation, Teint Miracle. The assistant encouraged me to purchase a primer, to use with my foundation, which I did. I was surprised not to be offered the free gift advertised so I asked the assistant for my free gift. The assistant advised that they had none left and offered me a free bi-facial as an alternative. I informed her that as the free gift advertised contained the bi-facial I did not want just this item as my free gift and I would go to Boots for my purchase. The assistant then asked her colleague to go and see if the gift advertised was in the store room. The colleague returned with the free gift, as advertised which I was happy to receive. I was not impressed that I had been offered the bi-facial as a replacement or that I had to ask in the first instance as I felt I should have been informed earlier on in the purchase. On returning home I was showing my daughter what I had purchased with the gift card she gave me for my birthday and I was extremely shocked to find that the La Base pro hydraglow which I had just purchased was labeled "GIFT NOT FOR SALE". This along with the alleged "out of stock free gift" has made me vert suspicious about what has occured today. Surely this is against trading standards firstly to advertise a gift not available, then offer a gift of a lesser value as a replacement and then sell your customer an item intended as a free gift. I think that this is an absolute disgrace and not what anyone would expect of Lancome at all. My receipt number is 2096.

Jun 07, 2018

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