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Ladbrokes / customer service

1 32 Moor StreetOrmskirk, England, Lancashire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 0800 7314171

I received an email from Ladbrokes that I had a free bet worth £5. I went to my local betting shop and the arrogant woman behind the counter told me firmly that I did not have a free bet at all. I asked her if she would like to see my printed email (i had brought along as I envisaged such a problem). After arguing with her and her refusal to even look at the email, she spoke to her colleague who put my Ladbrokes card through the machine and muttered 'free bet'. She then proceeded to process my bet and gave me my slip. She did not say a word. No apologies not even an acknowledgement that I was still stood in front of her. The whole shop on, 32 Moor Street, Ormskirk Lancashire L39 2AQ was looking at this farce. I left saying thank you in a polite manner and she replied very sarcastically 'YES, Thank YOU!!!'

If ladbrokes do not wish to provide customers with free bets for their loyalty cards then fair enough but if they do, I do not wish to fight with an obnoxious Trout in order to receive my 'gift!!'

The woman concerned was at the Ladbrokes shop at 4pm on Saturday 12th June 2010

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  • Jo
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    Dear sir/madam,

    I have just left one of your shops in discussed the way the betting system works on virtual racing. I had a bet on the 10.15 race at Luksin Downs. I then watched the race and to me amazement I had the winner at 6/1, £5.00
    I went to collect my winnings and I was told that it was late by 7 seconds. I was return my money back. If my selection however was to loose I would have placed the losing bet in the bin and being none the wiser about the 7 seconds being late. The money would have gone to Ladbrokes pocket or the employes at the shop. This happens to many punters in my position. I demand that I sould get my winnings or stop virtual racing until the system is improved so that when is late you are told straight away and the bet is then void before the race finishes. My email is [email protected] and I expect a reply. The shop in concern is in Green Lanes N13 on the corner of Kelvin Avenue. Please take this seriously because is happening regularly and I was present when it almost turn into a nasty fight. Thanking you in anticipation. John. A very regular player at your shops.

  • Wi
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    where does the void betting stake go, like john aristidou i too placed a bet on virtual racing and when i went to collect i was told the bet was late by a few sec the bet was 20 euro at 8/1 .now if i had not had the winner i would have been none the wiser that the bet was late and void and thought no more of it, ihave to say i put no blame on any staff as they only have a job to do but come on a company like ladbrokes can do better than this you do such great offers and then the likes of this happends its hard enough to pick a winner besides having it taken away when you email is [email protected] hope to get a reply

  • St
      9th of Apr, 2011
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    once again on a busy betting day ladbrokes online as gone down i have complained by email several times and get absoloutly no response except sorry for the inconvenience, if you can, t cope then u shouldn, t have a site i now can, t bet for the rest of the afternoon disgraceful sort your site out in the meantime i will spend my money at williamhill with whom i have no problems .

  • Kh
      20th of Jul, 2011
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    anyone who want to put credit betting can do so with Naga in sutton london shop he always put ur bet without money what a charming chap ladbrokes should employed more peoples like him god bless

  • Mc
      14th of Aug, 2014
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    The Betting Shop in question is Ladbrokes Oscor road Torry aberdeen the assistant Alway's leaves early ...and closes shop
    Also conn's the public out of there winnings..underpaye's or refuses to pay on a winning slip ..but more serious is him going home whenever he pleases...and not taking the complaints serious ...he /they are on a scam ..very cheeky ...especially the young lad (ginger) we the public are sick to the back teeth with him and the rest of the team ...take our money but do not like paying out ...###ing theifs closed yet again ...where is he ????????

  • Mc
      14th of Aug, 2014
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  • La
      24th of May, 2015
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    i bet at stockbridge village ladbrooks when i go there the staff are too busy on there phones to take my bet this has happened to me loads of times when you go the counter to put a bet on the virutal racing and you have time to put it on and the lady behind the counter walks away on purporse and make you feel ashamed will not go to this shop any more i will go to a william hill whos staff are brillant please train your staff in custmor service and good manners thank you your ex loyal custmore

  • La
      1st of Jan, 2016
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    I have been a betting shop manager for 26 years but no more since the money racking machines came in. By the way it was not Ladbrokes Now days the service is absolutely crape or garbage there is not a suitable word to describe it. In relation to Horseracing which is one of the main reasons I use to go into a betting shop the staff are clueless rude ignorant. The type of staff they employ have no knowledge or interest in the job they are doing. Any way the last time I used my local Ladbrokes on Herbert Road South East London was about a year and half ago when a competent manager who I respected swore at me saying ' I f...ked it up when I gave him my debit card for a bet' I am afraid I did fl... it up never again. My message to all those long suffering customers who finance these companies, don't use them they take you for granted and dictate what they want. I lover horse racing and betting but not in betting shops. Try Bet 365.

  • Re
      1st of Feb, 2016
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    They refused to accept Scottish Pound notes for bets stating would only accept English notes. Next door the William Hill accepted them no problem, so I just bet there.

    If it's Ladbrokes policy not to accept Scottish Notes can they put out an advertisement to that effect as I am sure their shops all over Scotland would quickly close !

  • Mr
      17th of Apr, 2016
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    I have entered a shop in mary street in dublin city centre three times and on each time i have witnessed staff members being arrogant and abusive to customers who question there bet not being right that the staff become irate and the other day a staff member male on saturday the16th of april state a racist comment to a customer that offended me and other customers.I place large bets on football and have a online account with ladbrokes to which i will be removing and will not enter a ladbrokes betting shop or any othert establishment to hear staff laughing and joking about a racist remark about a customer.

  • Mr
      22nd of Apr, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Friday 22/04/2016, at approximately 14.45. My unfortunate visit to your Waltham Abbey Essex Branch! The young female branch manager you have in attendance there, is of no real asset or assistance to the majority of your customers. In my realising some months ago, that my presence is to her a burden, this as I really am, a fun punter. A very small financial outlay on my part. Thereby, win or lose, no life changing, or indeed character changing would occur. It was only that I overheard a customer talking to his fellow customer. "Oh no, it's her on duty!" Did then I realise, it is/was not me. This confirmed by the oftimes stand in and or other Ladbroke personnel. In my doing a simple 20pence per line, four lines, total 80 pence. In an attempt to make life easier, I did a simple 20pence bet on a regular betting slip also, this to make it a round pound (£1) two bets. The new under training other staff member, asked for £1.40! Hmm, No it should be only £1, this as I said I wrote out the 20 pence bet of 3-3 score for Arbroath V Montrose. With the four lines at 20 pence on the computer based coupon. £1, to make it easy. WRONG! Apparently, I made an error on the coupon, not really, but you will be told I did (a lie) The then young manager, advised me that she'd do the coupon for me, and asked me if I wanted her to do this, would I go and get another coupon. Again, in an attempt to just simply put my football bet on, get out of this poor atmosphere premises, I agreed to your manager doing the bet/coupon. It went downhill, when she made an error. I spotted the error, and in simply bringing it to her attention (calmly, but with a smile to be noticed) I was told NOT to be so rude. Rude, rude in bringing her faux pax, to her attention. Then her trainee as a back up to what was her tutor joined in the unnecessary melee, that now existed, I was left to to feel intimidated and stressed. Suffice to say, I did NOT place my simple bet. 80 pence coupon, plus 20 pence 3-3 draw Arbroath V Montrose. But if you do check your till receipts/records (check correctly) you will see, her and my supposed errors. I won't use your establishment in Waltham Abbey again, but I'm intelligent to know, not all your betting outlets are like the outlet at Waltham Abbey, Manager (Natalie)! When The Fun Stops. STOP! The media would find this interesting in this day and age! I did tell this manager, I will be writing to LADBROKES, as I really did NOT deserve such ill treatment. Do what you like, was her reply! Now you know LADBROKES!

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