LabCorp / front desk lady

North Port, FL, United States

On February 6th I was sent to Lab Corp to get blood work done from my doctor and went to the lab Corp in north port Florida. Let me tell you I will NEVER go back to the lab Corp in north port. The women at the front desk was so rude and disrespectful. She was yelling at the associate she was working with yelling at her saying she lost paper work yelling the customers information for everyone in the waiting room to hear. When she called me up and I handed her my paper work she looked at it and said "are you serious are you kidding me" I felt like such an inconvenience to her. My reason for going in was to confirm I am pregnant with my first child and was told I would have a had time getting pregnant. I was eager and excited and I left that office in tears IN TEARS because I felt like she could have cared less anyone was there It took EVERYTHING I had to bite my tongue. That is not acceptable and that women does not deserve her job she does not have the right to yell at the women she was working with and certainly wont get away with talking to me like that. I went today into the labcorp in port Charlotte Florida and I had an awesome experience and was sure to tell them the experience I had in north port and I was told it was not the first time they heard about it. If that is the case why has corporate not given this women an attitude adjustment?

Feb 08, 2017

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