La-Z-Boy / defective fabric

United States

During the summer of 2008 I purchased a La-Z-Boy sofa and love seat from Senate Furniture, Soquel, California. One and one- half years later, the fabric on the cushions began to shred. One year later the fabric on the pillows was also shredding. Their product warranty is for 12 months. I contacted Senate who told me they could do nothing about this – out of the warranty period. I contacted a local TV consumer complaint department and they contacted the company and were told nothing could be done – out of warranty. I purchased additional fabric to recover the cushions and this has been a waste of money.

I have owned other La-Z-Boy sofas and NEVER had this problem. All of had the same type of use and been replaced after 16 – 18 years of use with not damage to the fabric. I’ve spent more than $3000 for the sofa and love seat – an amount I believe is a waste of money.

Defective fabric, lose of money, no attempt from La-Z-Boy to provide customer service to “fix” this problem – I will not purchase another of their products and encourage other potential customers to do the same.

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