La Senza / sales representative

Good afternoon,

I have been a faithful customer of La Senza for about ten years and have never had any issues until recently. On this recently passed February 14th I was at your South Gate Mall location in Alberta, Canada and one of the sales representatives made an awful, confidence shredding comment to me about the way I looked.

I also have rencetly had a baby, so it has been a very hard struggle for me to get back into shape and me going out to buy something intimate was a huge step for me. When I was at the register paying for my items, your sales rep had the nerve to call me "chunky" and "a bigger person". I am both appalled and beyond upset about being treated this way. I have bought thousands of dollars worth of products from your company and never have I ever been treated so poorly.

I hope that something will be done about the unacceptable way I was treated. I love La Senza and have always enjoyed shopping there, but now I'm afraid to go back because of the way I was treated.

I would also really appreciate if someone would get back to me about this. My email is [protected]

Feb 17, 2017

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