La Senzagift card

Hi i would like to receive a call back from ombudsman as per a situation that has accured. I totally frustrated. I got lost my wallet durring the holidays. I was shopping and going to you store to purchace merchandice arriving at the conter i had knotice 2 cards of 50$ where missing( i had 3 cards of 50$ ans 3 cards of 10$) so i had to put the close back. Could not find my wallet and taught i might of left it home. When i got home realized no wallet. On top of having to replace all my debit, credit cards, point card, drivers licence, medical card, and more i have called to cancel these 2 senza cards and report them as lost. I had call the store boutique # 70151 and spoke to a woman and she gave me this number to have the cards replace [protected] and she said they would give her an autorization.Then I have spoken to a first advisor he was friendly after comming back from a hold of 5 minutes he hung up on me( i had waited 45 minutes to speak to an agent) he never called me back. After called again and landed on an other woman and she said that there is no way on replacing these cards. The store called me back and gave me the same information. Honestly i have been dealing with the senza for about 19 years and have always and only shop to your store. I even have a member card with you. I am so mad. This was my only christmas and birthday gift this year ( birthday in november) as per my family and i do not have a lot of money and where titer on money this year. So now i i have more then half my gift lost. This compagny is the only one i have seen that cannot cancel a lost card and replace it. I would like my message to be.looked at, find a way to help me and receive a call from ombudsman

Jan 03, 2019

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