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Damaged 7 furniture items; then offered to fix some of them. Without saying, the items were not fixed. Now as we embark in the 'insurance claim', this company takes a rude stance instead of one to help their customers.

Indeed, they are they worst company with the worst customer service.

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  • Le
      Feb 22, 2010

    this review is complete nonsense. I have used this company more then 3 times and I have never encountered any problems with customer service or the condition or my furniture and other items when I received it. I completely disagree with this complaint and I feel as if this an attempt to defame the character of this company. La Rosa Del Monte is the most responsible, pleasant and highly decorated moving company my family, friends and I have ever used.

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  • Up
      Mar 16, 2010

    We used Rosa de Monte back in 2000 to move from New Jersey to Orlando Fl. At first everything was fine they came and packed our stuff, with my supervision of course, and they did a good job. They said 4 weeks and it was 4 weeks. They delivered as expected and they unloaded everything but did not unpack it. They said it was not part of the quote. They told me to sign the the paper and I did not want to sign but they threatened to take my stuff back. They said if anything is wrong with the things to call and they will reimburse me because I had paid for extra insurance. Well there was damage to my things and missing boxes so I called and what the women over the phone told me that I had signed a waiver saying that they were not responsible for the damages. Now why would I sign a waiver to release them of the damages when I paid $1, 500 extra for this insurance???? Any way it went back and fourth and they never paid me a dime. So If anyone uses them be careful they are scammers. Even if you read the papers they will still rip you off like they did me.

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  • 99
      Apr 14, 2010

    La rosa de monte is the worst shipping company. They stole my money and I didnt get my stuff. I paid 1175 dollars to ship my belongings, there were 3 pieces and now they want to charge me 500 more due to "taxes". And they havent shipped my stuff since jan 14, and its april 14 today. I dont recommend anyone to use this company. They will steal your money and keep your belongings and ask for more money. if you dont pay the remainder of the money they dont care because they have all of your stuff already. DO NOT USE LA ROSA DE MONTE SHIPPING COMPANY.

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  • 13
      Apr 15, 2010

    la rosa del monte es la peor compania, los trabajador son malos educados, no explican condiciones para coger el dinero del envio, y despues que tu envias te dicen otra cosa., En new york cualquier compania te cobra por una nevera y estufa $ 450.00 p or ambas puerta a puerta, La rosa del monte te cobra el doble y tienes que pagar los impuesto mas la molestia, roban a sus mismos clients

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  • 13
      Apr 15, 2010

    the worst company in us is the rosa del monte it is no responsable, unpleasant, and ladrones

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  • Ai
      Dec 10, 2012

    They are thieves. My mother sent 15 boxes with them but they only shipped 14. They insisted that my mother removed 4 boxes before the move, yet somehow they still managed to ship 14. To the day, they have not replaced anything, even though we had insurance. Stay away for this den of thieves!

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