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I am extremely disturbed of a video posted on facebook by my brother, henry clay. Henry is a member of planet fitness (Conyer's ga). As normal, henry walks in, goes to the front desk, gives the employee his membership information. The employee states to henry, "you are not a member here and you are not in our system. " henry, says "what do you mean, i'm not a member here... I was just here yesterday. " henry asks the employee to put the number in the system again. The employee states once more in a very disgruntled way " you are not a member here, ####. And I don't even know why you're doing this. You can't work out!!". The employee then begins to curse at henry. All the while, henry kept his cool and asked the employee "ok, well... Since i'm not a member here, what do I need to do to become a member?" the employee gives henry an application to feel out.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Conyers, GAHenry takes the application and walks out the door, headed to his car. At this point, henry is very disturbed and feels violated. However, because henry is not a violent person, he walks away from the situation. While henry walks to his car, the employee comes outside and says to henry, "i didn't say you couldn't work out tonight". Henry says "well, you said i'm not a member here. " henry goes back into the gym and begins to work out. The employee did apologize to henry.
Henry is my biological brother and this disturbs me to the core!!! I know the life struggles and embarrassment that henry has with his weight, which is actually one of the reasons why he goes during the night time!! For an employee of la fitness to curse and belittle someone; deny henry his right as a member to work out does not deserve to be employed at la fitness (To say the least) !!!
The employee gave his name as alexander scott.

  • Updated by Karmetta Clay · Feb 23, 2017

    The problem is he IS a member and he's been going there for two months. This same guy(Alexander so he calls himself) has checked him in before. Ironically, last night seemed to be an issue.

  • Updated by Karmetta Clay · Feb 23, 2017

    And using profanity at a customer is not good customer service nor professional. Wouldn't you say so?

Feb 23, 2017
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  •   Feb 23, 2017

    If he is not a member, what is the problem? Being told no is not rudeness and has nothing to do with your brother being fat,

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  •   Feb 25, 2017

    Depends on whether your brother used profanity on the employee.

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  • Ka
      Feb 25, 2017

    @Wine Is Good He didn't. And as an employee that's no excuse. With the field I'm in, I get cursed at daily. However, I believe you should remain professional and there's always a better way of handling things. FYI: the update on the employee was, he was under the influence. So!! There u have it!!! Lol!!! Wow!! What a ####!!

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  •   Feb 27, 2017

    Show is the link to the video then.

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