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I have ordered KylinTV home phone service 09/18/2014. it was the worst mistake I made.(1): the sale person told this service fee is $15.99 as long as I am in this service, but never say about 2 years contract and $50 deposits. I was so dummy and trust what he did not read the small print in the order email later. (2): the important future that we can have a China call back number was not ready yet. (3): the phone service is bad, people tell voice is bad, they cannot hear me all the time.(4): they don't the voice message without tell us until I asked again and again about I have not receive any voice message yet. (5): customer or Tech support phone are so hard to get through, I spend a lot time wait and deal with them. Finally, nothing changes, the service has been cancelled after another bad conversation. I was so MAD and don't want think again at all. it was a week ago. Now I received an email and ask me pay the cancellation fee about $300 and will use collection service. How can this company still in service? Can they keep fraud people. I wish I was careful and research online first before I talked with those sale people. I don't I need pay these cancellation fee since they never give any service except trouble. is anybody can help me with this issue.

Dec 18, 2014

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