KylinTV International Calling ServiceSteals Information to Extract More Money

My father didn't want to keep spending money on international phone cards anymore so he decided to pay around $70 bucks for this KylinTV. When did he buy it? I'm not sure, but days before I noticed we had this KylinTV box installed in his room, I had an alert from my Chase Bank, notifying me $81.35 was taken out of my bank account without my consent! The one taking out the money was yours truly, KylinTV. At the moment, I didn't even know this company! This alert came out of nowhere! My debit card has been safely inserted in my wallet for many weeks. The only transactions I've made out of my bank were simple deposits and withdrawals from the bank's A.T.M.s or the bank itself. So, after calling the bank for a refund and a card number change, my sherlock bank went to investigate. In their conclusion, the bank credited back the money and told us we (Me & My Dad, we have linked accounts) were not responsible for the purchase in any way form. Someone has stolen our information.
Then, after finding out my dad spent another 70 bucks on the company that stole my money in the first place, I realized their box was connected to my modern. The conclusion I can draw from this is that they took my information through the internet because my father couldn't access my account in any way form and had no intention in trying to take any from my account. He has plenty in his account and had no knowledge that they took an extra 81.35 bucks out of my account. He's trying to contact this service at the moment but they seem to be not there.. He left a message and is probably going to demand a refund. However, reading reviews from this company, it seems like they'll never refund the money. It's a good thing my dad is a hard-head though because if they won't release the tape without an attorney, he will find one and sue the crap of them. Never go to this company for anything, unless you're looking for trouble.

Jun 07, 2013

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