Kylin TVWrong Charge

I have subscribed Kylin TV service for 1 year. I found the TV channels they provided were old, low picture quality movies, as they are so call HD TV. I called them to cancel the TV service and I have return the Kylin TV box to them for refund. But Kylin still kept charging my credit card $259.00 for 5 years (Total charge $1, 408.31 plus tax) and they refused to refund to me even I cancel the TV service 4 years ago.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in New York, NY Finally, I have to cancel my credit card to stop Kylin drawing money from my account. I can say Kylin company is a pirate company. I advise all viewers don't trust this company at any cost. By the way, their customer server is very bad. Kylin TV customer support hot line [protected] is a dummy telephone line. There are no representatives to answer your calls. It played robot music all day and hang up on you automatically. Remember to avoid this company, Kylin TV at any cost or they will rob your money.

Dec 22, 2014

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