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M Nov 16, 2017 Review updated:

I went into the store around 330 am I had 2 dollar bills oe wasfine the other I had was n my van n ihad spilled some cholcate milk on it the cashier said what was on it I told him he was very rude n said I should wash it sorry I just got off work n had only 200 to me I will not be shoping at a kwick trip every again n on top of it he never gave me my change back I wish I had recipt its was 179 for the things I bought


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      Nov 16, 2017

    Your complaint is almost impossible to read due to your spelling, grammar, and run-on sentences. I personally don't think it's rude for the cashier to have asked you to clean off the dollar bill that had an unknown brown liquid dried on it. I would certainly understand being hesitant to accept it as well. In regards to your change, since you no longer have your receipt they probably cannot assist you at this point. It's best to check to make sure change is accurate before you leave a store.

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