Kwik Trip / Kwik Starkaruba gold and refillable mugs


I frequent Kwik Trip's Karuba Gold machines alot. In an attempt to not waste so many disposal cups I decided to purchase one of the Kwik Trip refillable mugs. When I made the purchase of the mug weeks ago, I looked at several kwik trip locations for the special Gold cups. When I wasn't able to find the appropriate GOLD mug, a representative told me that I could use what ever mug I wanted. So I purchased a non-GOLD mug. Today I was informed that I couldn't use my mug at the GOLD machine because I would break machine. I was directed to use a disposal mug and pour it into my reusable mug!? I told the representative that defeated the purpose of a refillable mug and the reason as to why I use the mug. She then pointed out that I had the wrong mug and that I needed to purchase a $9.00 mug. I was pretty bummed by the this news.

Jun 26, 2017

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