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Kudrat Partners & Co. / very rude guy!

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I am MBB cardholder with a good track record last time. after i resigned, no income n being full time student, i have difficulties to pay the card and currently my card overdue RM2400.a guy named DEIV-INDIAN GUY called from KUDRAT PARTNERS &CO- Contact NO:[protected] and 03-[protected] call me several times n asked me to pay in a rude manner. He also called my mum through home number n informed MY MUM as i have credit card overdue with specified amount. I really unsatisfied with all this things .i called him back n explain but he laughed at me. Asked me to pay in full immediately. i told him currently i have no income n request for negotiation. he yelled and threatened to meet me somewhere. i wonder why Maybank hired ALONG to collect payment from customer. which MR DEIV is too rude, annoyed, stupid. however, i called MBB recovery dept and the staff allowed me to send letter request for rescheduled payment .i highlight all this complaint to maybank. hope u can take action because i plan to cancel all my facilities with your bank and for card center, please don't hire ALONG as a 3rd party to collect payment from customer.

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  • Ch
      29th of Oct, 2010
    +3 Votes

    You have to understand the process of bank collecting the money. First their own recovery department or dept collection department will try to reach you and collect the money from you. However, after certain months they unable to reach and collect from you, which i believe would be your case also, they will save their effort to focus on more collectible account than your account by passing your account to some external debt collection agency. Well, of cause they have not much control on the other debt collection agency behavior.

    First of all, if you will not want anyone to call you or your family chasing for money, make sure you at least pay the minimum or at least call and talk to the bank about reason and how you want to settle the balance and not letting the balance grow with the interests. The bank only want to earn the money, they will not want to send your account to external collection agency if you able to contact them and tell them your situation or they able to collect at least the minimum payment from you.

    Another way i can suggest you or any other people who not able to settle your loan. DO NOT sit there and think that the bank will understand your situation. Go talk to the bank when you having financial difficulty or AKPK, an unprofitable organization by Bank Negara to help manage and rearrange all your financial debt (

    Hope you learn something from it.


  • K1
      28th of Jan, 2011
    -2 Votes

    I have a similar unpleasant experience with Kudrat as well. They have been calling me non-stop for several months now and it's always, pay up this amount or else the bank will sue me. Well, at first I was compliant as I thought they would sympathize that I was in between jobs and had no money to pay. So one day at the end of last year, a most unpleasant lady named Rachael told me that I must pay RM3k of my RM16k debt in order to facilitate a term payment. I still thought she was trying to help me but then it turned sour when I told her that there was no way for me to get that kind of cash in a week or so. She told me that if everyone said that then the bank will lose out and that everyone manages to get the money. She also told me to borrow from anyone I could because if I didn't then the bank will sue me. Ha! I do see a pattern here with everytime they can't get their money they resort to the threat of suing somebody! I also have incured more debts trying to get said money. But of course they don't care.
    Then things started to get more sour as the new year passed. At this stage, Rachael told me that they have agreed on
    a RM830 monthly payment. In which I said, there was no way to do it but instead offered to pay RM500. She then said that was the final offer and if I can't make it, the bank will sue me. She also said that the 27th was the cut off date to pay. Then her boss John (who seems nice at first, will tell you more as my story progresses) calls me up to ask what was wrong with the offer. I said I couldn't pay it. Not because I didnt' want to, but because RM500 is all I can afford. Then he says that that was all they can offer because they can't bend the law according to me. He also said to think long and hard if not I will get sued.

    Ok, so the dateline has come and gone. Rachael calls on the date itself and asks me what time I will be banking in said amount. I told her that I can't make it. She said that I had promised. (If I know I don't have the funds, i definitely would not have promised!) So she tells me that I have until the night to pay or else... Anyway, do keep in mind that when they are talking to me, it is never in a nice tone of voice.

    Backtracking for a bit, about a week ago, I walked into HSBC to ask if I could pay them directly as I feel like Kudrat has been quite harsh. I spoke to a HSBC representative there and she advised me to write a letter stating how much I can pay and my reasons for wanting to do without Kudrat. I had written that I felt that they were harsh especially with their words. She then said that whe would forward my letter to Kudrat and the relevant parties. I said ok, and I'm still waiting on them.

    So, on the 27th, I was bombarded with calls and messages from Kudrat to call them back. I finally wrote an SMS stating that I will only speak to them if I get to pay RM500 a month and if that is not possible, I would only want to speak directly to a HSBC representative or take on AKPK's services.

    Guess that didn't go too well, because their boss John called and asked me why I said that I was harassed by them. I said, you call constantly, and are not nice and you threaten to come to my house! He said well, we are following the law. Well, yes SIR you are but the law also does not allow you to raise your voice at me and tell me that I am not the one harassed but instead I am harassing your people. Can you believe the nerve! He said I was harassing his people! How so? He said because I said they have been harassing me. Unbelievable! What kind of people are working here? Dellusional perhaps? He also said that they were being nice as to not sue me. I said go ahead. And he said, well, you wouldn't have the money anyway. He added that I should have thought about it before borrowing from the bank. I said well, I lost my job after I received the credit card. He said it's not the banks problem. Have a nice day!

    So here it is. Yes I do owe the bank. No, I do not want to skip payment. But Kudrat is not accepting RM500 and they are the biggest prats there ever was. So AKPK it is. Even though Kudrat says that I will have a difficult time with them. Maybe, I don't know. But at least I've met the people there and most of them are former bank negara staff and will not treat you badly.

    Somebody must make this problem with Kudrat or other agencies more apparent in the eyes of the public or govt bodies. They must be more courteous and of course logical in their arguments with us. There is no need to add more insult to injury.

  • Da
      18th of Mar, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Same goes with me. We know their KPI is to make sure the customer pay by hook or by crook!. But come on lah.. NO NEED TO YELL AND THREATEN US!. I made my attempt to convert my cc payment to term loan. But still MAYBANK rejected it. Made an appeal. Still rejected and ask me to pay at least 800 monthly. Told them I only managed to pay RM300. And plan to settle all by end of the year. Then later they submitted my name to this so called 'LAWYER' company. This 'LAWYER' company started to send me the Demand Letter, asking me to pay all the balances within 14 days!.. If I'm not mistaken, DL can only be sent by lawyer company. Kudrat Partners is not a law firm anyway.

    The nightmare started. Last 2 days, there was this Indian guy from this company called me asking me when can I pay. I said, I can only managed to pay RM300 per month. He started yelling at me and threaten to inform my HR. He only agree to stop the 'NICE' conversation when I informed him that I will speak to Maybank officer on this.

    I couldn't sleep that night figuring how I'm going to settle this. The next morning, i googled for their company info, and found out this site. There are few sites (lawyernet) similar to this. All of them telling the teribble stories been harrasing by Kudrat Partners and Co (M) Sdn Bhd (321720-T).

    This morning, he called me back. Not sure the same person or not. This time he said they are going to send my file to Bank Negara. I was planning to go to Maybank to discuss this during lunch time. I couldn't wait more and went to Maybank right after the conversation end. Met 2-3 Maybank customers who are having same problem with me.

    The Maybank guy told me to wait at least 3 days, since I'm requesting for them to recalculate the exact figure to be paid. Immediately when I reached my office, I email and fax email to Kudrat that I will settle the payment with Maybank and urge them for not calling me anymore. I told them, once again I received any call from their people, I will report this to Bank Negara & police.

    Maybank will be happy now that more and more customers are going to settle the cc balances. But bare in mind that soon they will loose more and more customers with the way they treat their customers. We will definitely spread the news on this.

    Kudrat Partners and Co will certainly ignore or couldn't be bothered with this type of complaints. But I do hope 1 day they will learn a lessons.. This is not the way of doing the business okay. Make people scared and you earn commission on that..

    For those who are in the same boat with me, I pray that God will help all of you. There is a lessons to be learn here. Do good to others so that 1 day God will do good to you. Luckily, I have someone who are willing to lend me the money and pay whenever I want.

    This is my first time writing openly to the forum. I would prefer not to tell anyone about my life. But this is TOO MUCH which I think I should tell anyone who faced the same situation. Ya, we are not a good in handling our own money, but certainly we DO NOT DESERVED TO BE THREATED LIKE THIS..

  • Ja
      28th of Feb, 2012
    +3 Votes

    Just to share my own experience. I was also a victim from this Kudrat piece of ###. Yes it was my own problem to owe Maybank a small debt of 3K but it was out of anger I refuse to pay them when they blocked my card for non payment to my other card account which I had cancelled and paid off to the very last cent but didn't know there were a few more ringgit that was not cleared after the bill cycle and I didn't know about it. My mistake I didn't peek at the statement they sent. That causes my only card to be blocked and cancelled. After appeal and much arguments they refuse to listen and my card cancel stays status quo so I decided not to pay them at all. Collections started to call and I told them my story and ask the bank to reconsider to reactivate my card but no news. Six month passed and I had also changed my HP number since I changed to my new company.

    Then it started. I received a call through my company line identify himself from the legal firm Kudrat Partner. I told him what give him the liberty to call me through my company line and how the hell did he get my number and my new work place info. He told me non of my business how they get my info and ask me when am i going to pay up. I told him that I owe the bank and only the bank calls me to collect my debt and not a third party. That is when he became arrogant raising his voice and threatened to visit me at my office and stuff like that. I told him he is most welcome since my new company is also my friend's company and my friend knows about my problem with Maybank. He became mad and told me to wait and don't go anywhere and he will reach in one hour time. I waited and he didn't turn up. The next day he called again and straight away i asked why didn't he turn up and he avoided my question and started harassing again with all the threats I will be sued and my days are counted for bankruptcy and stuff like that. I laughed at over the phone telling him he must have missed his medication time asking him since when Malaysia law sues a person for bankruptcy for a 3K debt and he got furious and started yelling me with vulgarity. For the next few days calls after calls from different person from the same firm calls to harass me with the same script and until he triggered my nerve and that's it. They triggered my mood to start playing with them and I told them to be prepared for my turn of bombardment.

    I did as I promised. I wrote to Maybank c.c to BNM, MOF and even told my personal lawyer to be on standby. I went all out to get them. My letter went to Maybank and i used my lawyer to sent another follow up letter also c.c to BNM and MOF. Maybank called immediately to discuss the best way to settle my problem. I told Maybank to engage the bosses from Kudrat to meet me up at Maybank to table the problem together. Finally Kudrat chickened out and refuse to meet up and as mentioned by Maybank, Kudrat had asked Maybank to take my case from there which I refused. I insist Kudrat to take on my case and request to meet all the people who had harassed me but they had cowardly chickened out. Maybank "appealed' to me to let the matter rest and gave me all sort of proposal to reinstate my card and give me the discounts to my outstanding. I refused all the offers and requested Kudrat to contact me which they refused until today. After losing all the mood for the game I let the matter rest but I found the conclusion. These bunch of people from Kudrat may act like they are some gangster jalanan or some street fighter but in fact they are just some sissy bunch of coward chicken that only dare to bark behind the phone.

    Tips: until today I still call the number using my private number and ask for the names I remember like Jega, Azri, sumitha and harass them and threaten them with all sort of threats. I hope that will give them the shivers and spoils their mood and stop acting like they are above the law.

  • Mr
      11th of Sep, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @James Tan You are great!!! that the good action.

  • Te
      7th of Mar, 2018
    0 Votes

    @mrmat great job..

  • Zz
      28th of Mar, 2012
    +2 Votes

    So what solution that our ministry doooo.. Plz lah no1 .. Solve this kepala along... Sial

  • An
      13th of Jan, 2016
    -1 Votes

    this is my point of view :
    1. ignore them coz u dont have contract agreement with them. your contract agreement with bank.
    2. they can come to your office, home, etc. do make report police atas alasan gangguan, coz u dont know them and you dont have contract with them.
    3. i think that you can summon them atas alasan gangguan or trauma
    4. try asking if you can take legal action to them and the bank, becoz bank in this issue give access to your personnal. this is dangerous. they claims that they can check your personal coz bank give an security here.

  • Ph
      24th of May, 2016
    -1 Votes

    Hi All, This happened to a colleague of mine (since I am the admin, the calls to the office will have to go to either myself or the boss's PA). They will never introduced themselves or where they are calling from, even when i repeatedly asked politely. I answered their queries politely.
    1. Called to inform that my colleagues account is currently freeze. So i told him okay will inform my colleague.
    2. Called to say that my colleague will be called for a hearing with the big boss. I said okay will inform her accordingly. (I thought the call was from HR).
    3. Called to say that they will be coming to the office and see the big boss. To which i politely asked if they want me to book an appointment as my big boss is super duper busy, so they can not just barged in and meet him. They were a bit surprise to the offer I guess, so they said no appointment needed.
    4. Called to say that he is looking for my colleague. This is the first time the staff mentioned his name and where is he calling from -Jasman Jamal from Kudrat & Co.
    5. A Dave called and when the call was passed to me, i asked where he was from. Impolitely responding "I thought i have told your colleague where i am calling from"..That is when i lost it. Yeah, so i gave him a piece of my mind. Apparently he made a call prior, and scolded my staff rudely. And a day before that he called my boss's PA also scolding her as well.
    Simply told him that we have spoken to our consultant and we shall not deal with them. We shall deal only with Maybank and consultant. And i told him that based on consultant's advice we shall proceed with official report and complaint.
    That is all within a span of less than a week. At times we received more than 3 calls per day, with the same scenario as above.

  • Si
      25th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    What happens if we still fail to settle or pay ?

  • Si
      25th of May, 2016
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    What happens if we still fail to settle or pay? this Dev guy calls non-stop despite me being in hospital.

  • Na
      28th of May, 2016
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    I too have been harrass by a man from kudrat Partners Sdn Bhd. There are very rude and aggresive.
    Madam Nadia Joubyar
    Taman Tun Dr Ismail

  • Nu
      19th of Oct, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Yes, the guy from Kudrat is verrrrrrrryyyyyy rude!!!
    I received a call from a guy named Alan on last Monday (10th Oct). He said i have to make full payment (RM 5, 400) before Wednesday (12th oct). If not, a letter from court will come and my debt will become RM 9 thousand plus (including legal fee). And he ask me wether i can make it before Wednesday or not. I said nope. I don't have money to pay. Coz i only can pay all once saya settle jual rumah. (Which already sold, and just waiting for the money). So he said "ok madam. Then starting wednesday, once the letter has been issued, u have to bare the legal fee cost and all is about 9k plus." And i said "ok if that so. Sebab saya memang tak boleh nak buat payment pun." Which means i didn't argue at all. But i dont know how many times he keep on repeating the same statement 'madam, starting wednesday u have to bare legal fee cost, so total of your debt will be RM 9k plus madam'. And everytime he saying that, my answer is 'ok'. Because i know it is my fault who didn't pay my debt, so i dont want to argue.
    And i informed my husband about this, and my husband gave him a call. This Alan guy still saying the same thing to my husband (about the legal fee and my total of debt).
    After that, i've made a call to maybank and told maybank about the call and about the legal fee. The maybank officer told me that my case belum sampai legal lagi. Surat yang saya akan dapat bukan dari court. So my debt still RM 5, 400. (I was so shocked. Because that Alan guy keep on remind me about the legal fee eventhough i didn't argue with him). And the officer ask me to write an email to them telling that i can pay certain amount for the time being.
    After i sent email to maybank, on 19th oct, maybank replied and ask me to pay RM 2k before 24th oct.
    Today's morning (20th oct), that Alan call me and ask me wether i can pay RM 2k before 24th or not. I told him if i cannot pay, i'll counter purpose with maybank. So again, he said "madam, if u didn't pay before 24th, u have to bare legal fee. So your total amount will be almost 10k madam." This time he really makes me angry. But still i didn't raise my voice. I said, "Alan, why u keep on telling me about the legal fee. I've talked to maybank already, they said my total amount is still RM5400. U dont push me Alan." when i told him (Alan) that maybank said my case belum sampai legal lagi, Alan ni terus raise his voice "madam, bila masa saya cakap surat madam dari legal? Surat tu dari company saya." I was soooo shocked! I told him "Alan, u yang cakap surat i dari court and i have to bare the legal fee cost." While i'm talking, he keep on talking. And i said "Alan, please listen to me." And he said "madam, u kenapa mau marah2? madam, why do u want to know about the legal fee, u better pay the rm5400." He manipulating the story. As if he didn't say anything about the legal fee, as if i'm the one who asks about it. Crazy guy! I said "even with my husband u were saying the same thing." He said "madam, u and your husband better recall what i've told you guys!"
    Seriously it was really shocked. Eventhough i didn't argue with him, he keeps on pushing me to the limit!! Memang macam ALONG

  • Mo
      24th of Oct, 2016
    -2 Votes

    I am also been called by this samseng. I told them I do not want to listen to them because I have no contract with them. They came to my house once, but I warned them, if they come again, I have to protect my family even with 'parang'. I told them it was recorded by cctv. This is my point of view after discussiin with a friend who worked as debt collection lawyer. He told me :
    1. Kudrat have no contract or agreement with me. They also never existed when I signed the contract with bank. So, I can ignore them.
    2. As mentioned by James Tan, bank do not want to take action becoz they also guilty by giving personal information to 3rd party. This is wrong in Akta Keselamatan Peribadi, which is all of our info given by bank to others who do have any connection. But till now no one sue the bank for this reason. In addition, Kudrat also guilty by taking personal information without any consent or any connection with debtor.
    3. Kudrat in this case also breach the Fair Debt Collection Act. The act forbid bank from collect debt at office or home. They also cannot call you after office hour or during weekend. In this case, Kudrat will call you everyday, even after office hour.
    4. Kudrat also behave like a lawyer, in fact they using misleading name, KUDRAT & PARTNERS, name which is common for lawyer and attorney firm in Malaysia.
    5. Kudrat warned me to take further action, but I told them that let the bank take action. Not them, because I hv no contract with them. I do not know them at all. If bank want to bring this matter to the court, then go ahead, its their right, thru correct way, but as of Kudrat, again, who are they to take action? On what reason?
    6. My lawyer friend mentioned that bank try to avoid court case because the court will depend on customer. If the court decide, they just accept the minimum debtor can pay without any interest till the debt fully paid. Here, the bank dont get money (interest), and debtor will pay a small amount. That is why bank try to avoid court case.

    I owed some cc from ambank and i just pay minimum and Kudrat want me to pay RM500. I just ignore them coz I hv paid to ambank, even only at minimum. Looks like they need more money, fees from bank.

  • Sh
      13th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    I just have to agree with everyone. These people are very pushy. I told one of them that i would be settling my full loan in two weeks' time. First they said okay, but then they kept calling the next day and they day after. Even during the weekends and public holidays. What else do they want me to say actually? They would send you messages saying they would come to your office and your house. How is that even possible? Are debt collectors really allowed to go to your house and office? They expect an answer from us, but when we give an answer they would still call the day after. Even after so many complaints here, how come these Kudrat Partners people still in business? Can we take this complaints to Bank Negara perhaps?

  • Pc
      16th of Feb, 2017
    0 Votes

    @shins I am glad I found your comments after googling for info re Kudrat & Co. Maybank is Malaysia's leading bank. I was shocked they appointed a firm with such unethical behaviour!! With the current adverse environment where corporates are retrenching, businesses are struggling, surely Maybank should be aware that many are going through finanacial strains. Allowing firms like Kudrat & Co to practise unprofessional means to recover their debts is a smear on the bank's image!! I was a Premier Account holder and have a satisfactory banking relationship for years until now. My mother was hospitalised in ICU in October last year and passed away after 10 days. The running around and the post depression caused me to neglect my financial obligations . I was shocked when I received a call from this firm last week. I have worked in a leading foreign bank as a corporate loan officer for years before resigning in 1994. I have handled corporate loans when they defaulted. We will work through the recovery process ie writing to customers, meeting them to reschedule the payments etc. Even when they failed to pay, we will never resort to the "loan shark" debt collectors mode of collection. The simple reason is we represent a Bank! So you can imagine how taken aback I was after receiving rude calls from this firm. Writing a complaint to the bank alone will not give a positive result. It is past midnight, I have decided to take this matter up officially through various channels to address this . Please contact me if you wish to join me.

  • Sa
      24th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @P C 1012 017-4661405

  • Oi
      24th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes



    +60 3-2724 2405

    +60 19-231 5714

    +60 11-2372 8183

    +60 14-956 1958

    +60 17-601 7676

    +60 12-626 0176

    +60 6-601 7983

    +60 3-9145 4799

    +60 10-401 7200

    03-7849 1800

    016-274 2314

    +60 19-552 0119

    +60 3-7809 2097

    +60 16-317 4924

    016-295 7148

    +60 9-557 1108

    Here are some of their numbers. :D

  • An
      29th of Jan, 2018
    -2 Votes

    I do experienced the same with Kudrat & Partners. I was being contacted by one of the guy from Kudrat & Partners for some payment but I informed them that I was already under Insolvensi Department which means I am already a banckruptcy. He requested for a proof of evidence showing that I am a bankruptcy and I did passed him the OA Search by fax. This happened a few years ago.

    Then recently another girl called and repeat the same. I told them that I have already send my OA Search as per requested by a guy from their office and she just say 'NO.I DIDN'T SEE IT. I need to go and get another OA Search. My main point and question here is 'THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY PROPER RECORD OR FILE FOR THEIR CLIENT/CUSTOMER? I THINK IF THEY DON'T THEN THEY SHOULD HAVE ONE AND KEEP ALL RECORD SAFELY'.

  • Re
      20th of May, 2018
    0 Votes

    u know what, i won't be shock if people commit suicide cause of these [censored]. thanks for pushing the button

  • Fr
      5th of Jun, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I am experiencing the same issue as well when they started calling my office and harrass my HR department looking for me because i ignored their calls. First of all i have no contract with them. Srcondly, i dont like my numbers to be pass around and you harrass me at work and my HR department. They are a bunch of hooligans with no proper manners. I am very much appalled that this kind of people are hired by the bank to go and harrass people. This show that maybank standard has gone down the drain. I stopped using maybank because of their services.

  • Ma
      17th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    I too have experienced calls from these collection thugs. When you answer their calls, you will know they are debt collectors because of their tone of voice...damn rude. They have been chasing me for more than 10 years already and they have not got a cent from me.

    At first, I answered their calls and explain to them nicely and all that but it's useless. They keep pushing and they don't give a damn to what you say. After a while, I just stopped answering their calls. If I do picked up unintentionally, I would say wrong number straight away after they asked whether it's me or not. I know it's them as they sound rude and the phone numbers are not in my list.

    My advice to you all, just ignore them. don't waste your time talking to them and answering their call. Call the police if they come to your office or home. No need to fight and argue with these crooks.

    Good luck and stay strong.

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

    There was once they came to my house banging my door. I did not open the door and straight away call the police saying someone is breaking in my house. When the police came, they fled.

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