Kromtech Alliance Corp. / unethical behavior

So I signed up for Mac Keeper service this morning, the 15$ one month amount. And my computer is about 5 years old, no biggie, barely used except for social media. NO PORN ... Anyway they say it is to screwed up and they need a specialist for 399$ dollars more for a year. They say they have one there that can take the case. I tell them no way!...can't afford etc. And they bring the monthly total down to 90$ a month. HA freaking ha, it is christmas time no way! I tell him no five times, and he keeps coming back with my computer is doomed if I leave. I tell him no again and that I really need to take my daughter to school, right back with the sales pitch. I then have to start removing his remote access from my computer and it was like HAL in space odyssey, no don't do that, no push the ok button again. I did it... I hope there is no retaliation for it. My computer does seem especially slow. I feel like it was a bait a switch kind of deal.

Nov 29, 2017

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