Kraft Foods / mio water enhancer

North Port, FL, United States

The only Mio that tastes reasonably good is the sweet tea. I have tried several others and they all leave a bad taste in your mouth. Kind of an aftertaste but you can taste it as you drink it as well. Please improve this product. Yuck!! Specifically, they don't taste like they say they are going to taste, or at the very least, your taste tester can't tell a lemon from an old shoe. Go by the old adage KISS - Keep it simple stupid. Example Your Fruit Punch tastes really nasty. I don't know how you can screw up the taste that bad. Your Berry Pomegranate on the other hand tastes bad as well but at least your not specifying what kind of berry you are using though I have some idea what kind you ARE using. Please don't make me do a Youtube video on how nasty this stuff is. You did great on the sweet tea, hire that person back and let the person you got in there now, scrub floors or something because his taste buds are shot. Thank you.

Oct 09, 2017

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