Knott's Berry Farm / Negligence

I visited Knott's Scary Farm on 10/10/2008, waited in line for 2-2 1/2 hours while myself, and my party, including 13 yr old children, were repeated pushed, elbowed, kneed, assaulted, and witness to several people fainting in the lines. Nowhere was there visible a Knott's staff members, any semblence of an actual line or a Buena Park Police Officer for that matter. The poor planning and utter negligence on Knott's behalf led to several injuried and health issues suffered by many park goer's that day. The park staff offered the explanation that it was a Friday night and that is why the crowd was like that and apparently why they were unable to provide security and structure and refused refunds. Go at your own risk, parents please think twice before dropping off your teenaged children.


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