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KLM / terrible experience!

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

Security check-in is important and therefore must be treated with responsibility. Such task should not be turned by KLM employees into a cheap entertainment show or a bureaucracy lesson that defies the common sense. I wear suspenders with metallic clips that do not appear to be a security risk for other airlines checkpoints. At boarding time, an arrogant KLM employee instructed me to remove my suspenders and pass one more time through the metal detector gate. With my pants below the knees, I had to show my Calvin Klein underwear to the audience I order to please the smart KLM security check procedure. This was however a sort of happy ending. What if I do not wear panties? Should the KLM’s check-in procedure release the boarding pass only for those that wear panties? I don’t want to further elaborate on this KLM issue that hopefully will trigger some corrective action. As a remark, the dinner cutlery KLM crew makes it available to the passengers during the flight can be in the wrong hands away more dangerous than my suspender’s clips.

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  • Su
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Re: PROBLEM on International Flight Jakarta to Edinburgh 07:14:2008

    Flt Jkt to Kuala Lumpur no. KL 0810
    Flt Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam KL4102
    Flt Amst to Edinburgh KL1279
    My Itinerary number was 122704237761

    I booked this flight above and return by same route on 6th August so I could attend a family wedding in Edinburgh. I live in the interior town of Wamena, Papua, Indonesia. I booked the flight online on Feb 14 th and received confirmation of my booking immediately and again on Feb 29 and received further confirmation on July 10th with check in code ZDF890 with travel tip to use this code when checking in. I never received tickets but I felt assured that all was in order with my flight because of this confirmation code for booking.

    I wish to inform you of the TERRIBLE time that I had in Jakarta Airport. This was a most distressful time and I had to lay out huge extra expense which I wish to claim back from Expedia and/or KLM or I will make a huge issue of how dreadfully I was treated, I will bring a case against both of your companies.
    I have lived in Indonesia for 30 years and mostly fly with KLM and must be one of your most regular customers so I was totally and utterly devastated by what happened.


    1. With Check in code in hand I check in for my flight nearly 3 hours before Take off flight. Check in goes smoothly, I receive my boarding pass, go through immigration and go to gate about half an hour before boarding time.

    2. Approx 10 mins before boarding my name is called. I am informed that I cannot get on the flight. They are looking for my paper ticket. I said I never did get a paper ticket but that I received a check in code and I showed this confirmation which I had received via Email. TO me this confirmed my flight. I told them I must leave AS THE FAMILY WEDDING PARTY WAS ARRIVING THE FOLLOWING AND I NEEDED TO BE THERE.

    3. Boarding was called and they refused to let me on. I was in shock. If there was a problem it should have been noticed at checkin in and now I am saying that they must let me on as obviously my name was on the flight list. BUT I was asked to pay for the ticket again so I could keep my seat. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I was very upset and very confused. How could I pay again, I would have to call expedia etc. and now there was no time.

    4. My luggage is taken off they tell me. I am STUNNED. I ask to be taken care of, hotel, telephone, another ticket. WHAT DO I DO.

    5. I am taken down stairs, KLM give me over to Emmirates as there is a later flight!!! Now I need to try and call Expedia. I only have a Hand Phone, money ticks away and I am still being told to wait. We go to Public Phone, that does not work, then I go to a Wartel where I can use and then pay. LONG LONG phone to expedia, they say I have to report lost tickets and then book another flight for which I can later claim. I pay about 25 pounds sterling for this phone call.

    6. Emmmirates staff and now rushing me, I need to buy a tickets, they ask me for my Passport etc. etc RUSH RUSH RUSH!!! I pay for the Emmirates Flights JKT. SINGAPORE DUBAI BIRMINGHAM $1611 on my Credit card.

    7. Emmirates staff are very helpful in all this rush and waiting for me on the phone etc. KLM staff nowhere to be seen anymore

    8. Good flight right through. Land in Birmingham.

    9. Get a FlyBe flight for £139 to Edinburgh and finally make it to my Address in Edinburgh around 6pm.

    10. Later in the evening at my sisters house, I check my Email to find that a message from Expedia that my return flight on 6th August has been CANCELLED by the Airline!!! I can’t believe it. JUST UNBELIEVABLE Why on earth would I cancel my flight back. WHY would KLM do that without asking me???????? Just totally amazing and MAD

    11. Later I am checking various mail at my sisters place. About a year ago I linked into INTERNET banking with the Clydesdale Bank so I have informed my sister that there is no need to open my Clydesdale Bank mail. But I open several envelopes. One letter dated 18th Feb is from the Bank manager to say that tickets from Expedia are at the bank could they be picked up.

    12. Following day (remember we are very very busy with a wedding) I went with my sister to the Bank, get the tickets and then we have to go to the airport to book/confirm that i need to return on 6th August. I get the tickets which indeed had been addressed to my Bank.

    13. KLM desk at the Airport are helpful and amazed at the distressful time I have had to endure. The girl wrote a short explanation of what I had told here.

    I write this to both Expedia and KLM.

    I am requesting compensation for all the stress I have experienced. It was fortunate that I was an Indonesian speaker and could deal with the various things BUT I was so exhausted and wrung out. I am 61 years of age.
    No one offered a drink, a seat or anything during several hours of hassling as we tried to get a seat for me on emirates.

    I am also requesting that I get money back
    1. New ticket $1611
    2. Phone calls to Expedia £25
    3. Birmingham Edinburgh Flt £139
    4. Compensation for stress, time lost out with my family etc. ? amount
    I would like to receive this money very very quickly so that I do not have to pay interest on my Credit card. I cannot afford this money.

    Thank you for seeing to this very quickly as I will be returning to the interior of Papua very soon and need this matter settled.
    I request and suggest that KLM and Expedia work out this matter in haste.

    Thank you very much indeed,

    Yours sincerely,

    Sue Trenier

    Address til 6th August c/o wood 33 Gordon Rd. Edinburgh ED12 6NB

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