KLMlost bagage

Me and my families travelled from edmonton IAP -Canada to Addis ababa IAP -Ethiopia on Jun 16, 2008 and checked 10 luggages but received only 9 luggages, we were told, they are going to track the luggage then we will contact you, after waiting for amonth and half they called us to come to check in the lost and found room we did but our luggage wasn`t there. After all this happened they gave us a pice of paper to get a claim form, when we went to the klm office and one of the lady in the office told us to go to the ticket counter, when we ask we were told go to the pre boarding lobby we will bring up there which thy didn`t, when we asked again before boarding then again told us we will bring you inside the plane which they didn`t. The last question was in Amsterdam then again no solution it was over.

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